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It makes me sad that when, for example, a girl says
I've always had "a type." That type is skinny, nerdy, and socially awkward.
most of the responses are along these lines:
Are you sure you like "nerdy" guys or is that your insecurity talking? Maybe you really prefer masculine men like the dude you were with 8 months ago, [who date raped you] but the weight of your own insecurity and memories of your "rape" have warped your judgment. You don't need to settle for a wimp, because there are plenty of real men who will find you good enough and respect you too.
This isn't a type you have, it's just the fact that you either can't do better or don't think you can do better and you're so insecure that you need a horribly needy boyfriend to make you feel wanted and loved.

as if liking men who aren't the masculine stereotype is somehow indicative of mental wellbeing

Some people just like certain physicques and personalities. Often these aren't mainstream - plenty of men like curvy (or even obese) women, and plenty of men like stick-thin girls too. Neither of these is presented as the ideal or the norm, but that doesn't invalidate these men's preferences in a partner.

Liking boys who are scrawny, who are shy and reserved, who are nerdy or geeky is no different. I will fully admit it, I am sexually attracted to intelligence as well as to a tiny, smooth man body. The combination of the two is where I get all my crushes (mostly character crushes!) This doesn't mean that I "settle" for nerdy guys because of insecurity, "settling" for me would be be dating a more typically masculine man who I don't find attractive in the least.

It says a lot about our society that many people think there's something wrong with you if you don't like the presented ideal. Since when did we start turning to the media to tell us what we do and do not like and how we should act and who we should fall in love with?

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