Skinny and strong.

Most weight-loss commercials, diets and products are aimed at women. Most strength-training and fitness programs, as well as many health supplements, are aimed at men.

This is because men should be buff, strong and muscled... but women don't have to be strong. They only have to be thin. In fact, strong women are bad, because they get overmuscled and too manly. No man wants to have sex with a strong, manly woman. Athletic women are hot of course - provided they are slim - because they do things like boxing and yoga, where they sweat and grunt and bounce a lot, but weight-lifting women is just too much and it emasculates the men around them.

Or so society tells me.

Google privacy

I occasionally type my name into Google just to see what comes up. For the most part it isn't even me - there are apparently a good handful of other girls with my name out there on the web, Facebooking, Tweeting, updating blogs, posting resumes, all that good stuff.

But over the past few months, I, the real me, have been creeping up in the Google results. I found this... if not alarming, than unnerving. I don't want to be able to GIS myself and have the first three photos actually be me. I don't want my Facebook and contact info to pop up. No particular reason, I just prefer to be a ghost online.

So, for the nth time, I adjusted my Facebook privacy settings. They weren't, of course, on the defaults, but, for example, my profile was indexable by search engines. I locked everything down, confined all info to "friends only" and even kept some stuff hidden from subgroups of friends. I then let everything sit for a month to give various search engines a chance to uncache and/or crawl other girls' profiles.

If I Google myself now, the only thing that turns up is a short biography and photo from my summer job, which I don't particularly mind. The various people search sites that had crawled my profiles no longer display that info. I don't turn up in GIS (except for the aforementioned summer job). All is good in the world.
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