Minecraft will pixelize your soul

Canada is number 1 in Minecraft

I held off buying Minecraft for a while, because, while it looked interesting, it didn't seem that interesting. All that changed when I found out you could make custom skins.

Minecraft is a currently-in-development indie game that is built around, well, mining. There's a lot of neat features being implemented daily, as the developer has recently switched from spare-time development to full-time development. You can follow the development blog here.

I like goofing around in multiplayer mode (which only works with the old creative mode form of the game and is missing lots of features, although Notch has started working on multiplayer survival mode) because you can see a lot of the cool things people have built. And show off skins, of course. The main problem with multiplayer mode is the community seems to be about 80% griefers who do nothing but destroy.

I haven't built anything exciting, except the slightly deformed flag above. But, I have been playing around with skin-making. There's a lot of really good skins out there, even though most people seem to still use the default one. [ETA: guess you need to buy the game to use custom skins] I've been using a minecraft skin editor which has made it so.much.easier. I really appreciate that someone took the time to put it together. One thing that's misleading about skin making is that the previewer supports transparency on all body parts, but in-game the only transparency allowed is on the "helmet" part (that's an issue with the "official" previewer, not just the skin editor previewer).
Here's some of my recent skins:

Eve & Adam

Son of Man Ironman

I've posted them to the Skin Index (the minecraft one, not the porn one). My username there is nanoinfinity - there isn't a built-in search function so you have to do a regular page search. It would be nice to see the site reworked to allow you to tag skins and search tags, but I guess the site isn't big or popular enough to make that necessary, yet.

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Minecraft will pixelize your soul

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