Girlcrush: Doe Deere

Doe Deere, the Unicorn Queen
29 / United States / Blogger, Model, Entrepreneur

Doe is the founder of Lime Crime makeup ("So bright it's illegal"), models for her makeup line in addition to other things, and is a lifestyle & fashion blogger. She is passionate about offbeat, colorful and fun clothing and coined the term Candyfuture which describes a style of fashion and a philosophical outlook that means embracing new things... especially bright, sugary, fairytale kinds of things.

Doe seems to be very caring, kind, and silly. She is an icon for people who are trying to be an individual in a society that only wants average. She is not without controversy - there is the usual anonymous cattiness that comes from being well-known, and there was some issues concerning her makeup. But she certainly didn't let it get her down - she's just as bubbly and dreamy as she ever was.

I admire her style - I actually don't like most of it, but I admire that she does it. I like a lot of her old outfits better than her recent things... at some point she basically said "screw pandering to strangers, I'm gonna wear what makes me happy", and it certainly shows! (that's a good thing)

One thing that I particularly like is that she is, essentially, my bodytype. You don't see that a lot in the fashion blogosphere. She's directly acknowledged this in a response to someone asking for advice,

Let me assure you that I have all the same thoughts going through my mind when I look at magazines and blogs. Especially blogs – those are supposed to be ‘normal girls’ but they all have bodies of supermodels!!!

Luckily, there is one thing called guts. Courage is not a lack of fear but being afraid and doing it anyway. So, just like that, you do things every day because you know you must! An occasional relapse of insecurity doesn’t count. :)
5’2″, 124 lb

I am 5'4" and a bit under 120lb, though I don't have any muscle so my measurements are probably a bit bigger than you'd imagine. ;) She is built exactly like me - smaller chest, broader hips - and it's refreshing to see someone not complaining about or trying to hide those features. Very refreshing.

If I had to make one complaint about the girl it would be that she always looks awkwardly posed in all her photos - there are very, very few pictures where she is natural looking. Oh well, the same goes for me, I suppose!

All the words out of the way, let's see some pictures. I'll start with some of the quikier stuff that I'm not a huge fan of, but still admire:

And now some of my favourite outfits and photoshoots:

So, that's Doe Deere, one of my many girlcrushes.

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Girlcrush: Doe Deere

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