And while I had the camera out taking pictures of myself, I snapped a few of the bunnies. (Bonus retarded cat at the end)

Black one is Buster, grey one is Nobbers and brown one is Thomas. Buster's a girl, the other two are boys and yes, they're all speuterd. They were outside in their little pen. Of course they were also piled into a corner behind a box and I couldn't coax them out...

You can almost see Thomas' super long eyelashes:

And here's one of Snowflake, my boyfriend's parents' cat:

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  1. They are sooo cute. I love bunnies so much I can't stand it. I always wanted one growing up, but my parents said they get sick all the time and don't live very long : ( Tell me it isn't true?

    Do they get attached to you like rats/mice/dogs, or are they just nice to hold?

  2. WHen neutered, fed properly [fresh veggies, tons of hay and only a few pellets], and kept indoors they can like to 8-10 years. If not neutered, kept outside or fed only pellets they generally live 2-4 years.

    Rabbits don't really like being held or cuddled, and they don't bond to humans so much as tolerate their presence as food-bringers and ear-scritchers. They do bond to other rabbits, and a single rabbit is a sad rabbit, so you usually have to get a pair.

    They're extremely destructive - they chew and pee on everything. The peeing is less of a problem if they're spayed or neutered [it's territorial peeing], but there's nothing you can do to stop the chewing except to rabbit-proof your house... we lost our damage deposit because they tore through the carpet and ate the baseboards. They also LOVE eating cords.

    They are delicate - their diet is fairly complex, and since they're prey animals they hide all illness. They often get "GI stasis" - where their digestive tract shuts down - and the only symptoms are that they stop eating and pooping for 24 hours, and may be lethargic. I suspect most people's rabbits die from GI stasis (or cancer) because if not caught in that first 24 hours or so, it's fatal.

    They're expensive, delicate pets that don't really reward you by bonding with you, or being friendly. They are fun to watch and they have distinctive personalities, but for the most part people looking at rabbits should get a cat instead. :P

  3. Ohhhh, bummer of my life. Good thing I asked before I was actually able to get any. I'll just have to continue satisfying my fluffiness needs with "bunny" google image searches.

    Thank you for the thorough & honest answer!


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