New shoes, sunny day

I got lucky at Value Village yesterday! Some new sandals that fit perfectly. They're a beautiful caramel-leather colour. In celebration I broke out of my jeans, tanktop & boyfriend's-sweater rut (my office is cold y'all.) Apparently this is what my hair does when I go to sleep with it wet.

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New shoes, sunny day
  1. The shoes are really pretty :)
    There's no such thing as Value Village in the UK though (well, I've never seen one) :/
    I suppose there's TK Maxx here, which sells designer things at really low prices though :D
    And your hair is that shiny and beautiful when you let it dry naturally? WHAT? TELL ME YOUR SECRET OR I WILL EAT YOUR COMPUTER >:D
    The Irrepressible Pinecone

  2. Value Village is just a trumped-up second-hand store. It's cool because they organize everything well but stuff also tends to get picked over quickly.
    Sometime I pretend it's a classy, high-end thrift store with piles of beautiful vintage clothing, but then I see the racks and racks of mom jeans and the illusion is gone.

    I suspect the secret of my hair is that I rarely do anything with it: no dye, no flat iron or hair dryer... I use Head and Shoulders shampoo and Fructis conditioner which aren't fancy at all so it must just be that I don't do much damage to my hair. Either that or genetics, ha!

    'Course in high humidity all bets are off ;)

    Please don't eat my computer now :(


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