Quickie: Odin

She's a cutie. She's somewhere around two years old. She has a very large growth in her tummy (that's why she's so rounded) but the vet said it isn't causing her any pain and she is bright, active and curious. The vet said that it was probably her adrenal gland, which would account for her slight balding. I was very glad to find out she wasn't hurting!

She really loves pecans and nibbling on my fingernails. Oddly for a mouse, she doesn't seem to mind living alone. It's the first time I've had mice (we had got two others at the same time, but they got sick and died - I suspect bad breeding since they were from a pet store - but Odin is quite hearty!) and I really enjoy it. I've kept hamsters and gerbils before but I think I prefer mice! If I get another small animal I'll probably adopt some mice from the SPCA, a breeder if I can find one, or from classifieds because I don't like the pet store's breeding practices and refuse to purchase animals from them anymore. (making an exception for fish)

She just wins over anyone who sees her. Most people are "ewww, a pest!" but then they see her running in her little wheel and trying to drag an entire pecan around her cage and they realize she's just the cutest thing ever.

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Quickie: Odin
  1. You even love rodents?! Oh my, girl, you & I... this is getting serious.

    I've had mice, rats (LOVE rats. LOVE), and have asked for a rabbit every birthday of my life (but haven't gotten one. yet).

    Oden is really cute : )

  2. Yes! Rodents are adorable creatures. T's brother has rats, and they're funny little things... though he & his girlfriend don't really take great care of them. [They let them get stinky, and I suspect they don't get handled often.] If we had room we'd take the rats, but with three rabbits, two fish tanks and the mouse... we don't really have room.

    I can't believe how long a life span a well-cared for rodent/rabbit can actually have. I feel like I've been betrayed all my life when people act like rodents are "disposable" pets.


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