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A young child once approached God while He was in a particularly accessible mood. God gazed down upon the small being of His creation, and asked what it wanted of Him. The small child peered up at his maker, blinking in youthful awe. His lips formed the shape of a question, which, of course, God already knew, but allowed the young one to pose it.
"Sir... Why?"
God looked upon the tiny figure with a fatherly air, musing on how to place the words into a few phrases that a mortal being could understand. Finally, after several long seconds, the Lord boomed softly:

"You ask me why, young one, and I cannot answer simply because there are many, many whys in the world. But I can tell you this:
You cannot have a why without a who, what, where or when. On that note, it is very common to have a why and no how, because, in all truth, hows are not important.
You cannot have a why without a who, because if there were no who, then there would be no one to pose the question. Without a what, there is nothing to ask about, and then no why to begin with. Without a where there is nothing and there is everything. If you ask a why without a where, the answer will be a variable, which is something to be avoided to keep an air of simplicity and finality.
Finally, there cannot be a why without a when, because without a when there is no time, and everything becomes everything else in the same instant, resulting in a chaos of which you cannot possibly conceive of."

God paused as the child took this all in, and added thoughtfully:
"I suppose if you really get down to it, we can assume that the answer to any why is, "Why not?""
The child stared upward with glittering eyes, and God was pleased to see that he understood completely. The boy wanted to try out the answer, so he posed another question:
"Why do you exist, God?"
"Why not?"
God noticed that it seemed to fit the question, and the boy turned to go. According to His nature, God immediately answered his own question, and realised precisely why he couldn't possibly exist. In one second of infatuatingly thorough logic, God, and the universe he had created, ceased to have ever existed.

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