Gender segregation in public spaces: Washrooms

So here's something that's become a bit of a sore issue for me: gender segregated washrooms. The reason it's a sore issue is that everyone who disagrees with me seems to have no reason for believing what they do other than "that's just how it's always been" and it's frustrating. I've actually stopped talking about it with people because I don't like to be reminded how narrow-minded and brainwashed even my friends can be.
...breathe... breathe...

Here's my point: Segregating public restrooms by gender is akin to racial segregation. There is no rational to maintain that women can't go into men's washrooms and vice versa. Absolutely none. The only reason we keep doing it is because it's always been that way - and we've become to accustomed to it that we can't imagine how something else would work.

Here's a few of the reasons I've encountered:

Women are cleaner than men and therefore shouldn't have to share washrooms
Ignoring the parallel to race here (remember why black people were kept separate from whites?), this is just false.

Women have one extra bodily fluid to smear everywhere, and dear lord do they take advantage of it. You haven't seen gross until you've seen a toilet stuffed with urine, feces, blood, a tampon AND a tampon applicator. I've seen used pads on floors, yeast-infection-medication applicators stuck in toilet bowls, and the mystery of mysteries - the nearly 20% of the female population that just doesn't seem to flush the toilet at all. Women as a group aren't any cleaner than men are - I've been in men's bathrooms, I know what they are like. Girls are much, much worse. Girls pee on the toilet seat. Girls bleed on the toilet seat. Girls plug toilets with great wads of paper. Girls are gross, guys. Perhaps knowing that a cute guy might use the stall after them will remind them of their manners.

I am uncomfortable with the idea of someone I would be attracted to hearing me pee
Homosexuals seem to adjust to this pretty quickly.
You're doing shit that is natural here. Nothing to be ashamed of - everybody poops.

Sexual harassment
Look, a public restroom isn't some impenetrable haven. There is nothing stopping someone who is harassing you from entering a washroom, even if they're not the right gender. It's actually better to stay somewhere public than to run off somewhere more private where fewer people are around.

Peeping toms are easily thwarted by stall doors that skim the floor and fit their frames properly instead of this half-assed knee-high doorgaps.

Men can't use urinals around women
Urinals are stupid. You guys have to invent all this silly etiquette to account for the fact that y'all are whipping out your dicks in public. I know at least a handful of guys who admit they don't use urinals and instead just pee in the toilets in stalls. How much time does using a urinal really save you? Remind me again why stepping into a stall and pissing into a toilet is any harder than pissing on a shelf? Besides, if you're comfortable taking your dick out around other guys, why not women?
The best solution here seems to be to just set up dividers around urinals if you're intent on keeping the things.

Where will we go to gossip about someone with our friends?

There are some things that are better left as mysteries
Why? What are you ashamed of?

Women are just as (if not more) messy as guys. Stalls eliminate all other problems - in women's washrooms and men's stalls, people aren't leering at your junk. Children of both genders are allowed in washrooms, and they have significantly worse public manners than anyone else. Gay bars have segregated washrooms. Gas stations and grocery stores seem to get along fine letting men and women sit on the same toilet. So to insist that we still need to separate genders in this case is to admit that you've simply never thought to question the practice.

Doesn't it make sense to merge washrooms and have twice the number of usable stalls available? Doesn't it make sense to allow friends/family/couples into the same bathroom? What about people who have a caretaker of an opposite gender, like elderly or handicapped individuals? What about transgender folks? Doesn't it make sense to stop insisting that men and women are different? Doesn't it make sense to stop this charade which is clearly not based on fact? It does to me.

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Gender segregation in public spaces: Washrooms
  1. You bring up some good points.

  2. Hi.

    Your "random posts" widget is incredibly addicting. The mister & are are now ha-yuuuge fans of your blog. I sent him your "Arguing with Creationists" post (after reading through it myself, while cheering) and, like me, he stayed up way past his bedtime reading every word.

    Then, this morning, I woke up to find him scanning a funny tumblr and asked if he was starting the day off on StumbleUpon. Nnnnope! Your tumblr is just so awesome I assumed it was from SU.

    But, regardless, you had me at tribbles : )

  3. I have a pretty bad case of the warm 'n fuzzies now. <3 I'm glad you like my blog!! hehe. I really enjoy yours too. :D:D


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