Minecraft skins: assorted animals

And, since it's really the only thing I do in Minecraft, here's a few animal-themed skins I'm thrown together recently. Some are a bit more experimental than "good", heh.

Teddy bear

Complete with bow and stitching. Guaranteed to love you unconditionally.

Real bear

Complete with snarl and claws. Guaranteed to kill you unconditionally.


Man these are ugly beasts.


"Octopus... some kind of octopus. Tearing my shell apart, letting the sea get in..."
Probably more aptly-named "quadropus." I like it's googely eyes.

As always, made with the fantastic skin editor SkinEdit and posted on the Skindex, formally The Skin Index. They finally did a site makeover! They added their own previewer, which is nice, except last time I checked it doesn't mirror the legs/arms like Minecraft actually does. And they have a search function now, too! Now the only thing I am minorly concerned about is there is no longin system, so anyone could upload stuff with my username ("nanoinfinity")

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Minecraft skins: assorted animals

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