Neutrals are sneaking into my closet

When I hung up some of my clothes to air dry yesterday I noticed something bizarre: most of my favourite pieces of clothing were neutrals!

This is very odd to me, because previously I was never a fan of neutrals. "Too boring," I'd think, "Leave it to old people and New Yorkers." I'm starting to become a real neutrals fan, though - grey, brown, beige, ivory, black, peach: these are so elegant and beautiful and I can't believe I haven't noticed before! (I still rarely wear white) They're also really versatile in that I can pair a neutral piece with almost anything else of any colour. It can look chic, homey, vintage or relaxed and comfy.

Neutrals and "vintage" looks have been cropping up a lot in Lookbook's tumblr feed, too. Some of my recent favorites:

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Neutrals are sneaking into my closet

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