An open letter to shoe designers:

Dear shoe designers,
I just thought I'd write a quick reminder of a fact you all seem to have forgotten lately. For a group of people who make designs for only one bodypart, you all seem to have forgotten how that bodypart is actually shaped. Perhaps the foot mannequins you use as models were replaced with comically-shaped versions as a prank some long years ago and you never noticed and now you think that women naturally have very odd shaped feet.

This is what a human foot looks like:

Here's an outline of the toes, just for reference:

Do you see how it's actually kind of squared, maybe a tad rounded? Great. We can agree on the shape of an actual, real foot. Now, for future reference, here are some photos of what a foot is NOT shaped like:

I really don't know what you people's deal is. Do you have something against the real shape of a real foot? We know for a fact that wearing shoes with messed up toes causes foot pain and bunions - and yet you still make these silly things. Those super pointy toes have been back in fashion for a while now and every time I see them I cringe. I've seen people try to claim that the pointy toes elongate the legs but I respectfully disagree; pointy toes elongate the legs in the same way that a tall hat elongates the neck, which is to say: not at all. It just makes women look like a witch from the 80's. They're ugly fucking shoes. I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you.

So please, for the sanity of millions of women out there, make sure you're using the correct foot models!

PS: I know peep-toe shoes are easier to make, but please... just stop. They're ugly and a hole in the toe makes them both impractical and uncomfortable to wear and ruins perfectly cute shoes. Open-toe is fine; peep-toe is dumb. Who wants to see one-and-a-half toes sticking out the front of a shoe? Toe fetishists, that's who. And I'd rather not help them get their jollies off.

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An open letter to shoe designers:

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