So. Much. Jewelry. Where the hell do I put it?

So it's a well known fact that in times of economic recession women buy more lipstick because they can't afford new clothes but still want to feel pretty. I don't wear lipstick so instead I buy accessories. It's a fairly maintainable collection I have, but my main problem is that of organization. I have many necklaces and if I use a normal jewelry box they become hopelessly tangled.

The best solution I've come up with has been using organizer cube grids (left over from making the rabbit cage) and hanging my necklaces from that. It keeps them from getting tangled and I can see everything I have - I like having it on display because otherwise I forget what I own. Also, it's pretty. For bracelets/belts/scarves/necklaces that don't have clasp I just put them in some document inbox things I got at the Wicker Emporium.

It works, but I don't really like it. If I'm in a hurry I can make a mess, neglect to hang up the necklaces, throw other things into the boxes like my hair accessories. (I have a bunch of headbands and clips) And basically, it's ugly when I have all my stuff piled on.

I've been cruising around for other jewelry organization ideas. My favourite aesthetically is jewelry trees or painted/bare branches (click for source):

They're all over Modcloth, and they look really sweet and cute. The problem is, of course, that I'd need a veritable forest of jewelry trees. I also have things like belts and scarves that need to be dealt with, to say nothing of hair accessories (I have yet to encounter something that would work for headbands, short of a full-on rack like in the stores where I buy the things), and the trees look/act better when the jewelry is mostly earrings and bracelets.

Really, the best solution seems to be to hang everything on a wall. The most common approach is to get a nice frame, paint it, insert a backing, and use either hooks or chain/wire to hang stuff from. It's a really cute idea, which I am still seriously considering - should I find a suitable frame for cheap. It's a simple enough DIY for nice results.

And of course, there is the commercial solution:

Now, what I really want to do is to DIY a painted frame. Get a nice, big-ass frame, paint it white. Get some sort of backing, paint it black. Paint a white tree on the backing. Embed the branches with hooks. Hang it on my wall, alongside some smaller frames and coat hooks for leftover jewelry, scarves and belts. The problem with that is finding a huge, pretty frame for cheap.

I really like hanging things on the walls, especially in our apartment. The walls are all beige and it's just not worth it to paint them so I try my best to cover them up. Having jewelry on the bedroom walls would make sense since I already have all my bras and undies hung up on ribbon, haha.

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So. Much. Jewelry. Where the hell do I put it?
  1. I like the wall idea. I've never been a fan of jewellery/earing trees and such, cause they take up so much space and seem to be easy to knock over and such.

    Right now I've got a mini drawer system. And yes, I'm constantly untangling chains during the morning commute because of it.


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