Animal hats

So the only thing I "officially" collect is animal hats. They're all from the Delux brand because I like the quality and style of their hats compared to knock-offs or other animal hats (which tend to be felt instead of wool). I wear them all winter, spring and fall... basically until it gets too warm.

Excuse the odd coloring, I had to crank the brightness and beat down the contrast to get the hats visible. Boo backlighting.

Bonus fun: You can see the mouse moving around her cage in between shots. I laughed way too hard when I noticed that.

Tiger hatLion hat

Pig hatDonkey hat

Kangaroo hatKitty hat

The kitty one I actually sewed the face on myself - the hat originally was just ears. It was my first and I had matching paw mittens that I've long since lost.

There are only two other things I have an unreasonable desire to collect: cute salt shakers and teapots shaped like mythical beasts. I don't know where either of those came from. Luckily I've managed to hold off, except for my snail salt shakers. I liked the irony of them too much.

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Animal hats

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