Halloween how-to: Bat wings

As a decoration or costume piece, these wings turned out well for only a short amount of time and common supplies.

- Wire coathangers (2) OR very heavy gauge wire
- Black pantyhose (preferably without reinforced toe)
- Pliers
- Needle and thread
- Black boa (feathered or not, your choice. Check the dollar store, they're often much cheaper there than at a craft store!)
- Tin snips or other heavy-duty cutting tools
- Black pipecleaners (optional)

Step 1

Bend the coathangers into a bat-wing shape. I've found it's easiest to just leave the coathanger as it is, but you may want to untwist the hangar's neck to give you some more wire to work with. Use the pliers to keep a good grip and help bend corners.

Step 2

Slide one leg of the panythose over the tip of the wing, pulling it tight over the wire frame. Cut the end when the wing is covered. I ended up using about half a leg for each wing. Pull tight, and wrap the hose around the end of the wing several times. Twist it into something like a rope and knot it around the twisty part of the hanger.

Step 3

Cut the excess wire from the hook part. I found the easiest way to do this was to make a groove with tin snips then use the pliers to bend the wire at the groove. It should snap right off. Cover the sharp end to keep injuries at a minimum: I used scraps of pantyhose and tape.

Step 4

Bind your two wings together. I used black pipecleaner. If you need something sturdier, you could easily stitch them together or use thin wire.

Step 5

Wrap a small length of the fluffy boa around the center to cover the ugly wire and connector and provide a fuzzy body. Hand stitch it in place.


I hung the wings up on the wall as a cute little bat. You could also add a head, or cut a bat body and head out of cardstock and attach the wings to it. Add on two loops of ribbon to put your arms in and you could even wear your wings on your back (make sure your coathangers don't have sharp edges!)

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Halloween how-to: Bat wings

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