Halloween How-to: Cheap DIY decorations

So Halloween is my favorite holiday, but I still can't justify spending more than $20 a year on decorations. Combine that with living in an apartment (no outdoors decorations! Nowhere to put pumpkins! No trick-or-treaters! All the walls are beige) and I had to get a little... desperately creative this year. These are by no means classy dinner party decorations, but they're cute in a campy sort of way.

Ghost trapped in our lampshade. Just tape a paper cutout on the inside of the shade.

A few dollar-store garlands and a fake pumpkin make a small shelf display. I tied black and orange yarn around candles to make them a bit more festive.

I've always loved giant wall decals, but they can be pricey, especially for a holiday. I realized I could make my own out of black garbage bags. When I cut the garbage bags along their seams, I noticed the static cling would hold them to the wall. It was very convenient and easy from that point on - I sketched my designs on the bags with white crayon, then cut them out while the bags were still stuck to the wall. The scissors sliced though the plastic like a knife through warm butter, I didn't even have to snip - just slide along the lines. Some construction paper details and a bit of tape to make sure it stays and voila: ghetto decals.

Tissue ghosts are a favorite of mine. :3 Threaded onto invisible thread they make a cute decoration. I still haven't decided where to put them, though.

Pumpkin lanterns from the dollar store, and black lanterns we already owned, look really pretty hung from the ceiling together.

A collection of old bottles on a shelf; what I think of as my apothecary... sadly out of stock. If I can figure out how to seal them I might fill them with multicolored fluids, findings and "specimens".

I couldn't get a good photo because of the back-lighting, but I made black crepe paper curtains for our kitchen window.

A bat mobile! Paper bat cutouts strung on invisible thread, hung from the ceiling. The air currents in the room keep them twirling and fluttering about all day - they're actually my favorite decoration this year.

And, something I'm unreasonably proud of:

A Halloween wreath!
This is the most ghetto decoration I made - I didn't have a wreath form so I used a belt. All I did was tie ribbons all around one half of the belt, and wrap a black feather boa (left over from my bat wings) around the other half. I knotted strips of orange fabric around the feathers, and finally hung a spider pendant in the center.

Happy Halloween!

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Halloween How-to: Cheap DIY decorations

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