International Suit-up Day

Today is International Suit-up Day. In celebration I made a silver bow tie. I used Burda's free David pattern and learned how to tie a bow tie this morning and it made me miss the bus so I had to take a cab to my Linear Algebra II midterm.

If I remember I'll get shots of what else I'm wearing; pencil skirt, wine-red shell, jacket, black tights, clunky suede boots (apparently I don't own any pumps) and T's pocket watch in the wrong pocket but I don't care. (don't have a vest and girl's jackets usually don't have a breast pocket). Also: I'm totally wearing lipstick. I feel like a spy or something.

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International Suit-up Day
  1. Good work honoring that holiday. Actually sounds like more fun than the typical ones, except for halloween of course.

    The blogger community does seem to be split like that, at least within general blogspot blogs. Lots of mothers who need to rant. Maybe add crazed musicians of all ages to the mix. I like your stuff so I'll follow.

  2. Hehe, it's a neat "holiday". I only learned of it the day before - luckily I had a suit in my closet :/
    Halloween is my favourite, too. The others are very much "meh". I mean, what other holiday can you dress up in outrageous costume and no one cares? What other holiday is based around being creeped out? I can't fill my apartment with spiderwebs and bats for Easter is all I know. :P


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