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My current Facebook status: I like wearing high heels because it intimidates my foes. With a simple change in footwear I can become four inches taller and 300% louder. CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP.


This year will be the first year ever that I fall in line with the female halloween tradition of "sexy _____" for a costume. Not because I particularly want to exude sexiness but because Pocahontas' dress is kind of slutty. No offense to Pocahontas but she knows it's true. Also, I'm pretty sure Native Americans didn't invent underwear so John Smith was a lucky guy.

Last year I was the King of Wild things (about as far away from "sexy" as one can get):

The year before that I didn't dress up and the year before that I was a cow (I dug out the costume just for you:

As you can tell, I make my own costumes, to varying degrees of success. I haven't had a store bought costume since... well, since I was a kid I guess. It just feels wrong - it's not the spirit of Halloween! This year it'll be interesting having a slit up to my thighs... interesting and probably cold.

I've been living and breathing Halloween this week, in between midterm stress. Can you tell?

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Misc unstructured thoughts

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