New fishies!

So a little while ago I posted that we found a fry in our tank. Well, a little later we found a second one from the same brood, and two or three days ago we found eight newborns. I caught another this morning, bringing the grand total up to eleven babies. Sadly, one of our females died yesterday, but we have a new betta. So, four adult platies, eleven babies, two otto cats and a male betta are in our twenty gallon.

Some widdle babies. You can see how much the older two have grown.

I tried to get one of the adults next to the babies, but they don't like to be in focus.

And here's our pretty boy. His coloration is really neat: blue, red, purple and pink with a bicolor body.

And here's a shot showing off his iridescence:

I love our fish. They are the best fish.

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New fishies!

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