Sick... need tea

So, I'm sick again. In one way or another I've been sick since the beginning of August. We're almost suspecting mold in the apartment. Either that or I just have a really terrible immune system.

Anyway, the only thing that helps is hot drinks. NeoCitran first (mmmm, delicious powdered ibuprofen) and then tea. A long time ago we ordered some sampler packs of loose tea from Adegio Teas that I absolutely love. We ordered a chai sampler and a flavoured sampler - of them all, the passionfruit and apricot are my favourite.

Adagio is great - all their tea arrives in neat little tins. We ordered some tea bags to make making tea easier (was cheaper than a teaball). They have lots of free stuff - we got a birthday tea in December and a sample of their zodiac teas in Capricorn. They also have some good guides and histories on their website, as well as wonderfully delicious-looking photographs.

The thing I immediately discovered is that most of the tea I had had before was actually burnt. I still sometimes burn tea if I get distracted, heh. Any tea that tastes very bitter is likely to be burnt. Non-burnt tea is very pleasant (though I still need sugar - which friends make fun of me for). Green tea needs to be made with cooler water, too. Each of the tins has a temperature and time written on it so you know how long and how hot to steep for, which is very useful.

Tea is very cheap and very cozy and there's a lot more flavors and types avalibale than at a grocery store (which usually only stocks earl grey, green and plain black) and I think everyone should try some of the other types available.

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Sick... need tea

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