DIY Kitty Pillow

Let's make a kitty pillow!

You will need:
- Half a meter/yard of cuddly fabric, any color
- Fiber fill to stuff your kitty
- Fabric scissors
- Sewing machine or needle and thread
- Pink embroidery floss and a tapestry needle
- Buttons for the eyes
- Felt-tip pen, marker or chalk for marking
- Ribbon and a bell (optional)

Step 1
Draw your own pattern or print off the template I made here. It's just a dented oval with ears, so it's not hard to sketch your own!

Step 2
Cut two of the pillow shape, one for the back and one for the front. Pin, right sides facing together.

Step 3
Stitch the kitty pillow sides together, leaving a gap large enough to fit your hand through.

Notch the seam allowance around the ears and neck so the pillow will turn inside out more easily. Turn right side out.

Step 4
Mark the mouth and eye positions with a marker, chalk or felt-tipped pen. Have fun playing with the spacing of the eyes to make your kitty look a little retarded.

Step 5
Thread your tapestry needle with embroidery floss and stick your hand inside the pillow. Poke your needle through to the outside at one end of the kitty's mouth and back inside; knot. Stitch along the kitty's mouth. The easiest way to stay on the markings is to back stitch, as seen in the picture above. When you reach the end of the mouth, knot off the thread on the inside.

Step 6
Stitch on the button eyes

Step 7
Stuff your kitty pillow with fiber fill. Poke some in the ears, and keep massaging it so the kitty doesn't get lumpy. You can overstuff it to make it fat and firm, or put a bit less in to make it squishier. I made mine squishier.

Hand stitch the hole closed. The easiest way to do it is a ladder stitch:

Step 8
Tie a ribbon around the kitty's neck and stitch a bell to the ribbon. (optional)

Step 9
Dress up like a loli goth and take pictures of yourself and your new familiar pillow.

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DIY Kitty Pillow

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