DST scares me

Today is the first real day of normal time after turning the clocks back from Daylight Savings time. In my province, we turn the clocks back on Saturday night but since Sunday is a weekend and I don't go to church, nothing of consequence is affected.

DST was invented to give us more daylight hours in summer afternoons, mostly in an effort to save electricity (not as relevant now that household lighting is a much smaller proportion of energy consumption compared to before) but it has also proven effective in boosting the economy (though hurting some areas, such as theatres) and health (though heart attacks rates rise for the three weeks following spring DST and are lower following the fall change) and reducing traffic accidents in the summer months. Not all areas of the world observe DST: Saskatchewan, for example, is a Canadian province that doesn't. I've heard from multiple third-hand sources that the reason for this is because Saskatchewanian farmers think having an extra hour of sunlight every twenty-four hours will hurt their crops. Whether this example of stupidity is true or is a rumor started by a bitter Albertin, I do not know.

Point is, DST is observed by most developed areas but there is less and less reason to keep it up. Also, it worries me.

In general, I worry about things I shouldn't - and DST is one of them. I don't trust it. Up to this point I have never had an incident caused by forgetting to change the clocks, but I know it will happen one day. I'm a forgetful person and I know I'm a forgetful person, so as it draws nearer and nearer to DST weekend I start obsessively asking my friends "What time is it?" which seems to confuse them because I usually ask them over IM while I'm on my computer. I can just imagine missing an interview or presentation because I didn't turn my clock forward in the spring, or thinking a class was canceled when I show up an hour early in the fall.

It seems like an outdated practice that only complicates our lives. (By that I mean, it complicates my life) I would be happy if we did away with DST altogether and kept "winter time" all year round. I guess the benefit is that in the fall when I turn the clocks back I have a whole week or so where I feel very rested.

PS: I also find that "Daylight Savings" sounds more like an activists group than a time modifier.

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DST scares me

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