I look down on you when you call that thing an iPod

The title says it all, folks. I have assembled a nice little graphic to clear things up for you:

I know it's not that big of a deal, but it irks me. I don't know if it's the slight OCD if it's generally how techno-retarded it makes people sound, or if it's just that I hate Apple, but it drives me crazy when people call their non-Apple music players an "iPod."

Imagine this. Just picture this scenario. Someone you just met keeps going on and on about their Ferrari, how they lost the keys to their Ferrari, how they had to take the Ferrari to the mechanics, how they have to pay their Ferrari insurance. And then, when you finally see the thing, it's actually a minivan. They were just calling it a Ferrari because that's what they thought cars were called. Or they were calling their cat a "Siamese" when it was just a tabby cat. Or, a more fitting example, if someone called all computers an "iMac" for no apparent reason other than that they were an idiot.

Here's an easy guide to identifying whether a music player is an iPod:
* Apple made it
* It wants you to use iTunes
* It came with white earbuds
* It cost you your first born son

See? Simple. Now, if only I can get my mother to understand...

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I look down on you when you call that thing an iPod
  1. I can understand the trend you've identified, but in British English a vacuum cleaner is a hoover, and a ball-point pen is a biro, so I do hope that calling any MP3 player an ipod doesn't catch on.

  2. Yeah - it is sort of like calling a cat "sadistic" for eating a mouse when really all the cat is doing is "eating". Yeah I know exactly what you mean.

  3. Dennis: Sounds like you brits are more brand-obsessive than we are, ha. A lot of toiletry products are referred to by a brand name - Band-aid, Kleenex, Q-tip, Advil, etc - but it usually doesn't leak over to gadgets. *crosses fingers*

    Fatuous Anility: Who's a silly boo? You are! Aww, lookit the widdle silly boo. Wook at 'em! Silly boo-boo.


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