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Shhh, don't tell anyone... but I secretly love...

Rhinestones. The most tacky gemstone (if it even qualifies as that) on the market, the rainbow diffraction and tinted stone made me totally crazy for them. Yay, shiny rocks! I've spent the past week in either pajamas or jeans & t-shirts, so I decided to go for broke and channel loli goth.

This week has been eventful. I spent most of it miserable with a cold that is now in my lungs making me cough nonstop. We got a new sofa to replace our horribly broken futon. And today it snowed!

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WAYWT | My secret shame
  1. That pillow.

    >And today it snowed!

    I never get snow. Unlike other people, I'd actually like to see some. ;_;

  2. Hehe, it's great the first.... fifteen times it snows in the fall. Eventually it gets old haha.

    It's kind of neat if you think of it as rain that builds up; not so neat when it melts into your boots.


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