Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

An alphabet story

"Alpha!" screeched the young child,
"Bravo! Good job!" exclaimed his father, Charlie, proud that his son was learning his favorite alphabet.
"Delta!" screeched the child again, pleased with the Echo that resonated through the Foxtrot hotel's lobby.
"Golf clubs, please!" Charlie called to the Hotel's bellboy, "I just bought them in India, wouldn't want to lose them."
Charlie's sister Juliet appeared in the lobby, immediately spotting them and rushing over to hug the young boy. "Oh my, you've grown so much! You must weigh almost fifteen Kilos!"
"Lima!" the child pointed at the doors, "Lima! Lima!" a sleek black stretch limo glided by the glass doors. A man appeared at Juliet's side. She straightened up and introduced him,
"Oh Charlie, you've met Mike before, correct?"
"Sure," said Charlie, shaking Mike's hand, "I think we met last November, at Thanksgiving. Oh, how's Oscar settling in?"
"Oscar's a handful, though he's finally housebroken. Papa is watching him for the weekend while we're in Quebec. Romeo is happy to have another dog to play with."
"I'm sure he is," agreed Charlie. "Where are y'all staying?"
"We're staying at the Sierra hotel. They're actually having a ball tonight, Charlie, and I know how much you love to Tango."
"Tango!" repeated the boy, excited by all the new faces.
"Perfect. I even brought my dress Uniform, just in case. Victor should be joining us, though if there's any Whiskey around maybe we should keep it away from him, eh? Last time we had a get-together I believe he had to have a series of rather embarrassing Xrays taken..."
Juliet and Mike chuckled, giving Charlie a hand with his luggage. A disgruntled Frenchman muttered "Damn Yankees" as they passed him, but no one paid him any notice, except the young boy who simply threw open his arms and yelled "Zulu!"
"Shush now, don't yell at strangers," his father admonished
"Zulu!" he repeated in quiet tones.
"That's much better!"

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
  1. Haha that is awesome. I remember kids in high school practicing their military letters because they wanted to join the army right after graduation.

  2. Haha, that's cute. The weird thing is, I think the alphabet I used (supposedly it's the NATO alphabet) isn't the only normally used. IThe main one I'm thinking is "ocean" instead of "Oscar"


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