A doodle gift!

Here's an awesome doodle that was done for me (For me!) by random internet stranger Biohazard of My Confusion Theory, who I totally love, BTW.

It's a cocktopus, you see! And I'll leave you to consider why I absolutely adore that name. Biohazard made doodles for all her followers, but of course mine is the best.
Of course.

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A doodle gift!
  1. Best post ever, or best post FREAKIN ever?

    I feel like it is the latter.

    I am glad you liked your cocktopus! I wish I had a scanner... I could ink him up on nice paper, and color him in.

    Maybe someday!

  2. I love it, I love you, and I love Biohazard.
    I think it really is the bet post freakin ever! <3


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