I found a unicorn!

There was a unicorn abandoned at the bank:

I think I know why this little unicorn was hanging around financial institutions late at night:
That's right, she's got a tramp stamp.

Someone else has a tramp stamp, too. I got a stuffed dinosaur for Christmas:
And she has this tattooed on her butt:
Unlock the fun, indeed.
This is a concerning epidemic, people. Even our toys are being sexualized at a younger and younger age.
The little tramps.

I'm gonna keep the unicorn in my coat pocket so I will have a unicorn in my pocket wherever I go. Even if she is a little club girl.

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I found a unicorn!
  1. Damn trampy stuffed animals.

    I am glad you saved that unicorn from a life of destitution.

  2. Trampy stamping on innocent toys must be stopped, it is clearly meant to get children to want a stamp of their own. Poor toys, I expect we will see them in the clubs doing the tramp dance soon.


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