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Haven't been posting much because Finals are upon me. I don't finish until Saturday at about 10 PM. But by then I am finally free! And I will celebrate by seeing Tron!

This is this year's wishlist for Christmas and my birthday. We've already gotten a new couch from my family for Christmas, but still have to give T's mother a wishlist. She goes nuts for Christmas.

Logitech backlit wireless keyboard (k800) & mouse

This is a sexy, slim keyboard that will be a huge improvement against my old non-slim one. I really need a new keyboard because the thick keys are getting on my nerves. And I haven't decided on a mouse yet, but I really need one a gaming mouse. Problem is, a mouse isn't the kind of thing I want to buy without touching first...
($99 - Futureshop [price more or less the same everywhere]; Mice ~$70)

24" Monitor (HP L2445m)
T and his brother got these last year and my poor little 19" is so tiny next to it (it doesn't help that he has a duel monitor set up...). T's mother got a new PC and now has a nearly-new spare 24" monitor around, so I'll be getting it! So much more screen real estate... *drool*

Intel i7-950 & supporting Mobo

After an evening of trading links with a friend and skimming reviews, I decided I like the sound of the 950. It's a 3.06Ghz quad-core that's just within my price range and I think HyperThreading is cute, so that settles it. I haven't picked out a mobo yet, but that's not as difficult.
(~$300 Newegg)

Samsung Galaxy S

The sexiest phone on the market. It's 'droid, it's smart, it has the Android app store and it's an excellent media phone. It gives the iPhone a (more open) run for its money.
($550 flat; $100 w/ three year Rogers contract)


We already have a Roomba, but our model can't contend with the pet hair/hay the rabbits put out. It also doesn't support the self-docking charging station or scheduling. It would be really cool to have a roomba that, as one of my friends put it, goes out every day to forage for things to eat and then returns to its lair to sleep until the next day. Also, that would mean we had three iRobot critters and I think they can talk to each other. T has an iCreate, which is a smarter Roomba without the vacuum, so it could direct the other two vacuums and be the robot master. Robot uprising in my house? Hellz yea!
($400, iRobot)

Konad plates

I have a nice little list of Konad nail art plates I want to get so I can finally start having interesting nails again. And it'll be an excuse to get more nail polish colors. :3
(konadUSA ~$10)

The perfect red dress

Something curve-fitting, slinky, soft and the most perfect shade of wine red... which I have yet to see in any stores. The search goes on...
(Via Lookbook)

Thigh socks

Perfect for layering over tights in the winter, I never have enough...
(Sock Theory ~$10 - $20)

My collection must be fed...
($30, various mall stores and online vendors)

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