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I did my hair different today! I read a tutorial from Violet LeBeaux that looked adorable. I've always been a sucker for braids, and especially milkmaid/greek goddess braids. My hair is finally long enough that I can start doing neat updos so I figured I'd start with something easy.

Now, my hair was still a bit too short, so the top where the two braids meet was still a little messy. But I said to myself, "Screw it, no ones cares" and I suspect that's the most truthful thing I've ever told myself. I think everyone should be a milkmaid today.

In other news, I saw all the elementary kids on the playground in their snowsuits today. Do you remember that? Having to get bundled up in a bulky snow-proof suit to go outside and play? Man, I haven't thought about those since like, grade 5. I feel so old.

We got a nice storm over the weekend, maybe fifteen centimeters of snow. Of course it had to rain today and completely ruin it. I wore a wool coat I got at a thrift store and I smelled like wet sheep all day. At least, I assume that's what wet sheep smells like. I have a hat made out of dog hair (it was a gift, okay?) and it smells like wet dog when it gets rained or snowed on. So I could wear them together and smell like a wet farm. The whole thing would be complete if I could get some real leather, and maybe step in pig poop for good measure.

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WAYWT | Milkmaid
  1. I too like braids. I have to tie my long hair up for work and get tired of just a pony tail. Nice pictures.


  2. Yea, they're so easy I'm surprised more people don't do casual updos.

    'Course I got a trim and my hair is no longer long enough >.>


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