To all my lovely followers who put up with my spastic posting habits and wildly varying topics, I'm sorry I haven't posted anything terribly interesting lately. I've had a lot of school work, and in general have been so exhausted from a terrible sleeping schedule that in my free time my brain turns off and doesn't produce anything more interesting than "I'm hungry" and "I have to pee".

Basically, nothing interesting has happened and my brain is mush.


Last week T and I bought some vitamins. We ended up picking up ULTRACRAN pills (to prevent UTIs, yay) and vitamin D, and we also take B12. T's mom made us promise we'd take the D and B12, so there you go. I feel like a new-age hippy for some reason.

There was a good line from some youtube video that I forget. It was something like,
You know what we call alternative medicine that works? ... We call it "medicine".
There was another good line too, something like
I use herbal remedies, it's true. Why, just this morning I took some extract of willow bark. Do you know what I called it? I called it Aspirin.


We were walking by two professors in the hall and one of them seemed confused and distressed, and I heard him say, "The sky is red and I don't know why." I think that's a wonderful expression for when something is terribly, unexpectedly wrong and there's no clue about what's causing it.


"If quizzes are quizzical, what are tests?"
"... evaluations."


That's all I got.

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  1. Sorry about your sleep! :( I hope things even out soon.

    I have done the hippie thing before. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Great jokes though.

    I love the idea of using that as a new is so poetic. Very useful for my life right now.

    In response to last part, you are a very smart smart-ass. :)

  2. I like it. There are so many times that I'm so tired and stressed that I just have nothing to say. I like your quotes and your vitamens!


  3. There's nothing wrong with spaztic posting and varying topics.


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