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I've been busy the past few days making small tweaks to my blog. It feels a lot more... coherent now. Some of the things I've changed:

- Added a webfont from Google's font directory. Headers, navigation links and other text matches the title image now. The one I used was 'Orbitron'.

- Blogroll will only show on the homepage, so it won't vertically stretch post pages!

-Installed an updated version of the "Recent Posts" widget. This one is formatted much better.

- Moved post data and labels links to the top of the post, under the header.

- Made the comment box wider

- Added a few small graphics, such as a post divider.

- Spruced up the About page a little. It's done in pure CSS, my favourite <3. In the process, I found out that webkit browsers render rounded borders in a very silly way. (This is a great page about how each browser handles rounded edges.)

In Firefox:
In Chrome:

In IE:

- Replaced the Google search bar with Blogger's ordinary search because it's smarter, and thus removed Blogger's top navigation frame.

The major thing left on my to-do list is to reformat the comments section so it actually matches the theme of the blog.

I'm halfway through a big post on tweaking Blogger blogs - little fixes that just make them better and more usable, like collapsing the archives widget and how to properly insert photos into posts. :D

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Blog tweaks
  1. Shame that it doesn't work all the way on Chrome.

  2. As you can see, there's a reason I have a comment about IE on my About. :P

    I'm holding out for the next Webkit/Chrome update. Usually they're very good about CSS3 standards. Oh well.


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