So, I upgraded my computer...

I got a new processor, motherboard and RAM for Christmas this year. Had some trouble upgrading because I found out soon after opening it that my current CPU fan and power supply wouldn't "fit" the new stuff. Not only that, but the mobo wouldn't fit my old case. We ordered the missing parts and dug out T's old desktop case. Well, the new hardware arrived in the mail yesterday. After installing it all, Windows wouldn't boot. *sigh* So, I made T do a fresh install with 64-bit Vista (had been using 32-bit vista before) and it is finally done.

I ran the PassMark benchmarking suite on the machine before and after upgrading. (OldBaseLine - the red one - is before the upgrade) I'll let the following two screenshots speak for themselves:

Summary of all hardware elements

The CPU benchmark results

Dear fuck that is a marked improvement. Also, I have a 23" moniter instead of a 19" one. It's biiigggg.

Here's some of the specs for anyone who is technically-minded and curious. Uno was originally a Compaq Presario SR2180NX, but I'd upgraded the GFX card (right now it's an Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 1GB), power supply, RAM and hard drive since I bought it. SInce I've now upgraded away everything in the new computer, including the case, I've named my current desktop "Hydra". May she never die...

Hydra (Upgraded) Uno (Previous)
Motherboard EVGA P55-LE-E653 ASUS Leonite 5.0
CPU Intel i7 K875 2.93 GHz Intel Pentium D 2.80 GHz
CPU cores 4 2
Hyperthreading? Yes No
OS Vista 64-bit Vista 32-bit
RAM 4 gigs DDR3 3 gigs DDR2

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So, I upgraded my computer...
  1. I take it some serious gaming shall be had? Seriously, your new monitor is bigger than the TV in my room...

  2. Oh, you bet. Though I still have to reinstall Steam. Shouldn't take too long since I can just copy files from my steamapps folder. :D

    We did a clever thing when reinstalling - made a new partition on some unused harddrive space, so my original install is still intact and I can access all my files. T said, "You now have three copies of Vista on your desktop. I think we need to have an intervention." >.>

  3. Dear fuck is right. And kudos on giving your compy multiple personalities. I'm jelly.

  4. OMFG guys, I played Left 4 Dead 2 last night. I like, creamed my pants at how fast the game loaded. It was so SNAPPY.

    Sooo pleased.


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