An update about unicorns

Unicorns play an important part in my life (apparently) so I've made a shiny new label just for them. I suspect that the "drunk posting" and "unicorn" labels will have a lot of overlap. Like a Venn diagram of awesomeness.

Here's the unicorn I unicorn bombed with.

Apparently it's a baby unicorn halfway through its apparition birth. I think unicorns are like narwhals, where you can tell its age by the size of its horn. (I may have made that up) Also, I don't think unicorns are born like other animals, I'm pretty sure they just come into being. You'll also note that when the scanner realized it was a unicorn it was reading in, it felt it was necessary to add rainbow details to the horizontal page lines.

I would like to point you in Biohazard's direction to see the amazing drunk unicorn she drew for me because I'm awesome and she's awesome and it was necessary to celebrate our collective awesomeness with unicorns and vodka. Awesome

Lastly, here's a page from my history class notes, also featuring a unicorn (A fully-birthed adult unicorn that happens to like spawning gnomes out of its horn)

Doodles help me learn.

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An update about unicorns
  1. Dude, you need to post more doodles! They are most excellent! You baby unicorn is so cute! And I love your history notes, with gnome spawning unicorn, potatoes, frog, and kinky whip. I feel like I learned something from that.

    And thanks for the plug!

  2. Could you imagine giving birth to a unicorn. Ouch. They really would need to magically appear, for the sake of its parents. Does it even get parents? We should have a unicorn debate. A drunk one, of course.

  3. Exactly! And they're super magical so I can't imagine them doing anything as gross as childbirth. Or pooping, I guess.

    Unless it's marshmallows.

    I think we need to commission a study on unicorns. We know so little about them!


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