WAYWT | Hobo layers

Today was cold.
Also, I missed all my morning classes.
Also the buses are retarded and only go by once an hour in the afternoon so we had to walk to class and were five minutes late.
I dressed like a hobo and it's Friday, so it's allllllllll good.

Why yes, my Christmas tree is still up. IT'S MOTHERFUCKING FESTIVE.

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WAYWT | Hobo layers
  1. The boots are pretty cool tho

  2. It's a game of two halves; covered up at the top and wearing next to nothing apart from those skinny jeans at the bottom. Did they actually keep your legs warm?

  3. Hehe, it's actually tights and over-knee socks. The socks are pretty warm, to be honest. It wasn't as frigid as it has been, and walking kept me warm .:3


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