The unstoppable spread of awards

I received two awards and a gift over the past little while. I made a new section in my "About" page to house them, riiiigghhttt heeereeee.

First, an adorable little gif with my avatar in the background, made my gif artist extraordinaire, Acorn of 3D Flash Animations. Look at it go!

And next up is the Versatile Blogger award, given to me by both Bio of My Confusion Theory (who is totally my e-girlfriend, if you haven't noticed ;) I want to pass this award back to her, but I don't think it's kosher to do so!) and Pink Scarf of Splendiloquent, who is a cute little thing and you shoudld totally check out her blog.

This award comes with rules!

1 - Thank and link back to the person that awarded you (CHECK - I'm way ahead of you, rules!)

2 - Share 7 things about yourself

3 - Award 15 5 recently discovered great versatile bloggers (Okay, well since the award is the "Versatile" blogger and not just "awesome blogger who is awesome" I'm only gonna give it to folks who are, you know, versatile. Also, fifteen is a retardedly big number and I don't even know that many bloggers. Also, I'm doing my part to staunch the STI-like spread of awards. So really, me being antisocial and lazy is actually looking out for your blog's health. Use protection when blogging, folks!)

4 - Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

Nano versus grapefruit

Spring is approaching! Last week the view outside my window looked like this:

And now it looks like this:

Basically, just a bit more brown.

Today was a balmy -3 C (27 F to all you silly Americans), so I celebrated by wearing an inappropriately lightweight dress, tights, and my new boots:

I decided I needed to celebrate more. I decided I was going to consume a fruit. Not just any fruit, however. I wanted a large, tender, pink-fleshed flora ovary, ripped from the branches of a tree two thousand kilometres away and roughly manhandled in a series of trucks and airplanes before finding itself, mostly inexplicably, nestled among kiwis and lemons in a poorly-stocked grocery store. In other words, I wanted a grapefruit.

My first sex post: teen sex

I have no idea what images to use to illustrate this post.
I am obsessed with sex.
Not that I have a sex addiction, but more I am fascinated by the very concept of it. I love talking about sex, and I love learning about it. I obsessively track down sex-related things and consume information like some sort of sex-seeking vacuum. My hunger for more information will probably never be satisfied. I realized a while ago that I could count "watching videos of animal penises" as one of my hobbies. I am deeply intrigued by others' fetishes, sexuality and bodies. I love everything about sex from basic erotica to birth control to sex toys to animal insemination to politics.

And yet, I have barely talked about it on my blog.

This is very strange to me. I figured it was about time that I say something about it.

I think I'll start where most of us started: with teen sex.

How to display code in Blogger blog

So, you want to display some code in your blog, eh? Once you know how to do it, it is pretty easy, but it can be tricky at first.

First things first: Switch to "Edit HTML" mode in the post editor. It will make this process much easier. You can switch between the two using the tabs above the post editor:

Important! Before trying to display any HTML code, be sure to sanitize!

Sanitizing HTML code replaces angle brackets (> , <) with the escaped version of the character. This way, Blogger and your viewer's browsers won't try to interpret and render the code as HTML - they will instead display it literally as text. I use the simple tool here whenever I need to post HTML code.

There are several ways to approach this. I prefer to use a pre tag around a code block in all cases, but each had advantages and different prep. The main advantage of using a pre tag is that it degrades nicely for RSS readers.

Today has been an odd day

Right before bed last night, T discovers one of the outlets started bleeding:


I was browsing eBay for some new socks and I found the best listing ever.
My Nurse Wife's Worn Pantyhose with BONUS PICTURES
Up for Consideration is a pair of my nurse wifes worn white pantyhose. These are used (Not as an undergarment), but I can't find any flaws.

The hosiery is L'eggs Silken Mist pantyhose. They are size "B" have a cotton crotch and a sheer toe.

The winner of this auction gets 5 pics of my wife in and out of house.


I uploaded my first YouTube video today; a screen recording of squid-related horror in Minecraft.


And I just have to say, I love these pictures from the photos section of an eBay listing. Why is her giant tube of paint labelled "CocaCola Zero"? Why is she so amused by the book? Why did the stylist give her a mustard yellow beret and boots with so much fringe on them it makes her look like Bigfoot? Ah, the mysteries of life...


Let's talk about skinny people.

Not too long ago, a fashion blog I follow posted a photoshoot starring the usual skin&bones models. It was further emphasized by "artistic" nudity, wherein you could see every single rib. (Below the jump, for work-safe purposes)

Canadian usage-based billing

Something happened in Canada recently. The CRTC pushed through regulation forcing ISPs to use usage-based billing when leasing their lines to smaller ISPs. Basically, smaller ISPs who can't afford to wire up the entirety of Canada can rent the infrastructure of one of the two larger ISPs (Rogers or Bell), and then can set their own competitive rates. Both Rogers and Bell have bandwidth-capped rates, meaning you can't use more than your bandwidth limit every month. (We're lucky that the Bell branch in Atlantic Canada operates a bit differently, and they still offer flat rates for customers... for now)

Small ISPs used to get a decent edge on the larger competition by offering flat rates, or services with obscenely large bandwidth caps. With this regulation, the small ISPs are now forced to pay by the gigabyte, and thus won't have that competitive edge any more. Now they will essentially have to charge more for less internet, in order to maintain a profit. It is the customers and small businesses that are getting shafted by this.

I have never been a fan of bandwidth caps or usage based billing, but to have it forced on us is absolutely disgusting. I am so disturbed and angry that I actually wrote my first letter to my MP:
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