Today has been an odd day

Right before bed last night, T discovers one of the outlets started bleeding:


I was browsing eBay for some new socks and I found the best listing ever.
My Nurse Wife's Worn Pantyhose with BONUS PICTURES
Up for Consideration is a pair of my nurse wifes worn white pantyhose. These are used (Not as an undergarment), but I can't find any flaws.

The hosiery is L'eggs Silken Mist pantyhose. They are size "B" have a cotton crotch and a sheer toe.

The winner of this auction gets 5 pics of my wife in and out of house.


I uploaded my first YouTube video today; a screen recording of squid-related horror in Minecraft.


And I just have to say, I love these pictures from the photos section of an eBay listing. Why is her giant tube of paint labelled "CocaCola Zero"? Why is she so amused by the book? Why did the stylist give her a mustard yellow beret and boots with so much fringe on them it makes her look like Bigfoot? Ah, the mysteries of life...

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Today has been an odd day
  1. Lol at the bidding being at only $4.25.

    Lol at the creepiness of all them squids.

    Lol at the tube of Coke Zero.

    Big lol!


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