The unstoppable spread of awards

I received two awards and a gift over the past little while. I made a new section in my "About" page to house them, riiiigghhttt heeereeee.

First, an adorable little gif with my avatar in the background, made my gif artist extraordinaire, Acorn of 3D Flash Animations. Look at it go!

And next up is the Versatile Blogger award, given to me by both Bio of My Confusion Theory (who is totally my e-girlfriend, if you haven't noticed ;) I want to pass this award back to her, but I don't think it's kosher to do so!) and Pink Scarf of Splendiloquent, who is a cute little thing and you shoudld totally check out her blog.

This award comes with rules!

1 - Thank and link back to the person that awarded you (CHECK - I'm way ahead of you, rules!)

2 - Share 7 things about yourself

3 - Award 15 5 recently discovered great versatile bloggers (Okay, well since the award is the "Versatile" blogger and not just "awesome blogger who is awesome" I'm only gonna give it to folks who are, you know, versatile. Also, fifteen is a retardedly big number and I don't even know that many bloggers. Also, I'm doing my part to staunch the STI-like spread of awards. So really, me being antisocial and lazy is actually looking out for your blog's health. Use protection when blogging, folks!)

4 - Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

So let's see if I can come up with seven things about myself that one couldn't glean from my About page and previous posts.

  • I have somewhere in the vicinity of six half-siblings. One from my mother, the rest from my dad. He's been married twice, as far as I know, and I think the five other kids are shared between four women. There could be an extra kid or two in there, too. I'm not close with my father's family so I don't keep track of these things. They're a nice enough bunch, we just drifted apart as I grew up. So there is a whole handful of little semi-mes running around out there.

  • I like numbers. Here are a few numbers about myself: 5'4", 120lb, 33-29-36, 32B, shoes 8 EUR 39, ring size 8. Notice how I'm painfully average - either dead average, or within one standard deviation of the mean, on most of these points.

  • I write, a lot. Not always here, though - on forums, in MSN chats. When I word, I word *a lot*. For a school-related discussion forum, I pumped out 700 words and still didn't finish saying what I wanted to say. It is probably my main method of communication. Not only that, but I'm a terrible typist. I type with about four fingers, and leave my pinkies sticking straight up in the air. At least I'm classy.

  • Lately, I've been developing a bothersome fear of stairs. Every time I anticipate having to go up or down stairs I can imagine myself - feel myself - tripping and falling down them. It's very vivid and is starting to impede me a little bit; I've started avoiding stairs because of it. I'm hoping it will pass soon... or become like my reaction to elevators and escalators, which is basically a single nervous chill as I step on and off them. Evidently, I don't like multi-floored buildings.

  • Sometimes, I really wish I could dress chic and simple. I see girls on the street who look so put together, and I want that. Just... quietly beautiful. And I feel frumpy in my silly outfits, awkwardly thrown together with too many details. I'm very rarely happy with my clothing.

  • Some day, I want an organic hobby farm. I really do. Lots of people do the whole, "I want to live off the grid, grow my own food, go back to nature..." but, I really do. I want to have a little windmill and solar panels and geothermal heating. I want to keep some chickens and a goat. And a greenhouse full of herbs and tomatoes. I would like to live on the edges of a city, though. I need broadband. Just have a little low-maintenance semi-self sufficient place. The house would be very high-tech in other aspects though. It has to be.

  • I like cottage cheese, even though it looks like curdled semen.

Now, to pass it on:

Infidel (AKA Hannah) from Life, and why it sucks

An angry, intelligent ranting blog that covers a wide variety of topics. A very fun read; I love seeing what other people's pet peeves are.

Dennis, from The View from Fanling

An extremely well-written blog that touches on many interesting topics. I find this blog to be introspective and thoughtful, and I always enjoy every post. It is much more mature than most of the blogs on my reading list and is refreshing because of it.

Dan, from Into Geek

Dan is in school to become a teacher, and as such he is exposed to a variety of topics. His blog feels like sitting down and having a chat with someone - it's very simple, honest and approachable. It is somewhat of a personal blog, but I rather like it for that.

Candice, from Preserving the Past

This is a really fun read - Candice is aiming to revive the DIY spirit of our generations past, picking up things like crocheting and many forms of cooking and food preparation. She documents her experiments with new things, and her great sense of humour is sprinkled throughout all her posts.

David from The Big Blog Theory

This is a blog most people won't be familiar with. It's based on the television series, the Big Bang Theory, but it goes much further than that. I love the geek humour and science in this blog, and it definitely covers many topics. I urge anyone with any amount of geek in them to read and follow this blog!

7 things about

The unstoppable spread of awards
  1. Ah you mentioned standard deviation! *Nerdgasm*

    Not that I love it, it's just i NE-EVER hear anyone talk about it, except in my stats class.

    You have the same bra and shoe size as my girlfriend. And this whole 33-29-36 thing - I have NO IDEA what it means. Care to share? :)

    So checking out Into Geek too - I've had an irrepressible urge to get my geek on recently!

  2. Ok, first, what does 33-29-36 mean? I've always wondered......

    Second, hobby farming isn't all its cracked up to be. Idk, maybe its just not my style, but I HATE it. And if you get goats, make sure you have a good, strong fence. Because they WILL try to escape on a constant basis. And trying to chase them down and bring them back is such a pain in the ass. Oh, and by the way, the horns hurt. REALLY badly. You may have already known this, but it hurts much more than you will anticipate.

  3. Three numbers set up like that are measurements: chest, waist, hips. (in inches) :D

  4. Many thanks for the commendation. As you rightly guessed, I'm not into awards, but of course I appreciate that you think my blog is worth reading. I've been very lax lately, mainly because it's been too cold in a house with no heating to sit at a PC and type.

    If you like numbers, try this: the largest named number is so large that if the entire universe were to be converted to paper and ink there would still not be enough to write it down in decimal notation. It's called "Graham's number", and it does have a purpose!

  5. i have another award for you :)

    it's on my page to grab xo


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