A Nano-liscious wedding

Warning: This is a huge and self-indulgent post.

I go through phases where I become obsessed with weddings. I don't know. It happens. Anyway, my current wedding obsession was sparked because an acquaintance of mine is planning a wedding, and I started following a lovely vintage/DIY wedding blog, Ruffled, and another, Trash the Dress [Europe - the main one seems to have fallen off the Internet] which I'll explain in a bit.

From beginning til end, here's a fuzzy sketch of how my perfect wedding would go. None of this pure white prom-dress gown, hairsprayed hair, awkward and stiff family photos in a church for me. This wedding is for me, not my family, and I'm going to have it how I want it. And don't worry about T, I'm pretty sure he's totally cool with everything. Pretty sure.

The Engagement

Straight up: fuck diamonds. They're ugly, plain, and are the epitome of artificial scarcity. Diamonds can suck my balls. I've asked T for a moissanite (MOIS-uh-nite) stone if we go the gemstone route.

Moissanite isn't a fake diamond - it's a gem in its own right. Moissanite gemstones are usually man-made, since it is extremely rare and mostly comes from meteorites. Lab-made gems are super cool. There are no ethical issues around these gems.

The best part, though? They are prettier than diamonds. Moissanite gems have an incredibly high "fire," much higher than diamonds.

Moissanite (left) and diamond (right)

However, I'm not certain that I would want a traditional setting. It's just too... plain, no matter how big and sparkly the stone is. I'd want something I would actually wear, every day... something small, but detailed and cute.

And T would get something too, of course. I have no idea why this isn't more common. We've agreed that he will have an engagement watch: something very slick, a self-winding mechanical. Mechanical watches have wonderful workmanship, and every man needs a good watch.

Mmm, movement...

The Bride

Following the ring, (I like plain wedding bands) the dress should be sweet. I love cream colours and lace and gem details. The first is by far my favourite.

And I would most certainly have a floral, loose updo. I can't possibly imagine anything else. (From Etsy, a long time ago)

And I have no idea what kind of bouquet I'd want, other than that I hate red roses.

The Groom

I can't decide here. I absolutely love sleek, dark fitted suits, but I also love heather gray ones. I think gray is more appropriate for a wedding and more cheery, so I'll probably go with that. And he'll have a lovely vest.

The Wedding Party

It is ridiculous to have only groomsmen and bridesmaids. At this point in my life, all my friends are male. T gets a long great with females; I think it only fair that this be reflected in our ceremony. So I'll probably have a few men next to me, and I expect T to have a few ladies up there with him on our wedding day.

Here's the bit that's fun. All the ladies can pick their own dresses and shoes, as long as the colours are from the same spectrum. They can find things that fit their body type, personality and existing wardrobe. I hate matchy-matchy weddings, they're too fake. And all the lads will get suits tailored for them. And suspenders. Because suspenders are hot.

Reception and Location

Outside outside outside. Weddings should be no other way. Why coop everyone up in a stuffy, boring, dark church? Have a summer or fall wedding, outside in the light and fresh air.

Everything will be sweet and natural and lacey and fun. Every wedding I've gone to have just kept it to "pretty" and they've all been boring as heck to look at.

Reception Dress

And, who wants to stay in a long, frilly dress all evening? I'll be changing to a similarly cute, but more reasonable dress after the ceremony. (Both Modcloth)


There probably will be no cake - at least, nothing more than a small show cake. Cupcakes and other wonderful dessert treats always taste better than semi-stale wedding cake.


There will be no awkward posing. None. All photographs will be fun and spontaneous. I hate wedding photos. I hate family photos. A bunch of sweaty, uncomfortable-looking people trying to smile and not blink. It's horrid.

There will be lots of beautiful candid, spontaneous pictures and lots of detail photos.

I will also probably trash my dress - after the ceremony, the married couple puts on their fancy wedding clothes and then has fun in them, daring to get themselves dirty, sandy and wet. They make beautiful photographs.

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A Nano-liscious wedding
  1. I really enjoyed reading this because I can't stand cliché, 'traditionally' weddings either! :)

  2. You and my fiancee should get together and have a chat, you both seem to be dreaming of the same wedding.

    While I myself have a personal distaste for ceremonies in general(I just hate following rigid, cultural protocol), the non-traditional route is the most desirable. Also, I have always fostered a deeply-held hatred of all posed photography so I feel your thoughts on wedding photography are spot on.

    Sounds like your wedding will be a blast though :)

  3. I apologise - I skipped through this whole post as wedding's don't interest me yet :) Still, have a comment! Maybe I'll read it tomorrow ;)

  4. I've completely contradicted what I've just said and read your post. Forgive me? :) I think your wedding ideas are great and very refreshing from the typical fairy tale wedding or the other typical anti-fairy tale wedding.

  5. Haha, I don't blame you for not being "into" weddings.

    And you're right, there *is* an anti-fairy-tale wedding, isn't there? As silly as it is to define yourself based on something traditional or popular, it's even sillier to define yourself as rebelling against it. I've seen a number of geek-themed weddings (Star wars, or ren-fair, etc), and they always seem equally awkward and fake, as do many anti-weddings where the bride wears black and they have spider webs and stuff around.

    I think this is a nice middle ground. It still has some effort and nods to tradition (it IS a ceremony, after all), but it's all very simple and friendly instead of awkward, informal or prissy.

  6. Diego: If she doesn't know of it already (and I bet she does ;) ) you should give her the link to Ruffled. It's got great photographs, but even more valuable is that each wedding set has all the professionals listed - who did the flowers, and photography, and the invitations and food, etc. It can help with the actual planning of the event, in addition to having pretty pictures.

  7. Yes yes yes! I love this posting. I love the grey suit. This is something I'd like my soon to be husband to wear. Especially the bow tie. Bow ties rule! BUT one thing in your post about weddings should only be outside... I agree.. but that’s in a perfect world. Where I live, and I am sure other parts of the world. Weather is SO unpredictable. And you CANNOT trust it. It could be beautiful on a regular summer day OR total mess with storms and we've even had hail in the summer. Yes hail. Anyways. I love you're feel and concept of our wedding plans. I am in process of also planning. It's fun!

  8. Wow. Major spelling errors in the last sentences.... oooops! My mind wondered off to some wheres else there! :)

  9. I remember the moissanite thing! That is so cool. I like the colored stones, like sapphires, rubies, emeralds... and they are cheaper. I LOVE the snake ring.

  10. i had a best man at my wedding ... my best buddy/drummer ... our ring bearers were our dogs.

    conservative weddings aren't necessary ... we made it our own

    all this stuff sure looked pretty though ... that 1st dress!!

  11. Just found your blog & I'm staying up wayyy past my bedtime reading your archives : )

    BTW, have you ever been to offbeatbride.com?

    Your site design is gorgeous!

  12. Thank you y'all. :3:3

    I'm hoping to have my dream wedding... and I hope you all have yours too. :3

  13. I love the part about not having huge wedding cakes. I had too many run-ins with an elegantly decorated cake that we can't wait to slice up only to find out that it's hardly anything more than sugary bread with some icing that someone left in the patio overnight.

    Florida Keys Wedding

    1. Yes, I know! I think it's left over from being a child and going to weddings... the cakes are so BIG and PRETTY that they MUST taste wonderful too, right? Weddings were always full of disappointment for me as a child.


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