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After a month of pretty bad depression, exam stress and a cold I figured it was a good time to start actually feeding myself more than a trip to McDonalds once a day. Poor T caught my cold, and it's been whupping his ass, so he needs all the nutrients he can get...

The things is, I'm pretty terrified of cooking. I can follow a recipe, but choosing which recipe to follow is difficult for me. I don't know the taste or function of most vegetables and meat, so I can't guess what a dish will taste like by just looking at the ingredients. I also don't know how to pick out the best fresh ingredients. basically, when I go grocery shopping, I'm fucked.

My strategy is to, about twice a year, get brave and discover a new recipe that I add to my repertoire. This time I decided to try a fancied-up Mac 'n Cheese posted by Nadia of Modest Images. [All her recipes are vegetarian, and her photography makes me drool. *drool drool*]

This recipe called for all kinds of funny cheeses I've never worked with before: ricotta, which is, apparently, weird nearly flavour-less cheese goop; goat cheese, which is really squishy (squidgey?) and smells like feet; and grated asaigo, which was kind of butter-yellowy and reminded me of Gouda for some reason. They were all kind of icky to eat on their own, haha. Except the cheddar, of course. Long live sharp, old cheddar!

I also decided to try my hand at a basic greek salad; it's just a bunch of veggies and cheese right? Greek salad is my favourite salad, by the way. A close second is caesar salad, but only because it had bacon and garlicky croutons in it. So that explains most of the pile of veggies I had:

The mac 'n cheese turned out pretty good [no photos of the finished product; you can check out Nadia's blog to see hers!], though I discovered I really don't like goat cheese. Goat cheese tastes like dirty feet; so next time I make this I'll be leaving it out. I'll make up for it with more cheddar and feta!

Oh, and I remembered why I don't cook much. I have this weird "problem" where, if I spend more than about twenty minutes preparing food, I stop wanting to eat it. I have no idea what causes it. If something takes twenty minutes of hands-on preparation, I stop being hungry. If it takes thirty minutes, the thought of actually eating starts of nauseate me. So much for a hard-earned reward, eh? That happened last night with this mac 'n cheese; I put so much work into it [I'm not a skilled cook and I'm also not very good at multitasking;it took me about an hour and a half from start to finish] that I could barely actually eat it. Even though it was the only thing I had eaten yesterday, I could only eat a few forkfulls. (I did eat a good amount of salad though).

I did have leftovers for lunch today and it was super nummy! [minus the goat cheese.. :P]

Tonight, I ate salmon! This is a really simple recipe I picked up in a little cook book:

¼ cup butter; softened
grated rind of ¼ a small lemon
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp chopped fresh dill
1 salmon steak
half a lemon slice
1 dill sprig

Mix the chopped dill, lemon juice, lemon rind and butter together and dallop onto the salmon steak. Garnish with the sprig of dill and the lemon slice. Wrap the fish in tin foil and bake for approximately 20 minutes at 350°F.

Voila! Simple, light, easy dinner. I love me some lemoney salmon!

Fish is good for the brain, ya'll. Make sure you eat it all up! Oh, but watch out for the teeny tiny bones. Fuck dem bones. >.<

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Nano cooked...
  1. Nice!!! Poor T though. Get well soon!

  2. Poor thing is passed out right now; he just wrote a 5-hour exam with a fever. Poor little guy. But he'll get over it soon enough. :P

  3. yay! You cooked! I can totally relate to your feelings of food-fatigue. I get the same feelings while baking; the longer it takes to make, the less I want to eat the finished product. I usually have to have the hubby eat the finished product to make sure it doesn't suck. Weird! I don't know what I would do if I got that while cooking...

  4. I've never experienced that, uh... food-preparation-induced-nausea... but it's fascinating & hilarious to read about! Maybe I've never gotten it because I'm connnstantly snacking as I cook. Heh.

    Your Greek salad is making my mouth water!

  5. that bad food will not help your depression ... but i think you know that. every winter i get depressed and then i binge on bad food and get worse.

    ah ... the spiral ...


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