It's Spring!
I'm a bit late to the "it's Spring isn't this awesome!?" party, but for good reason. Reason number 1 is that I now have a cold. Who the fuck gets a cold in the spring, instead of January? Me, that's who. Exams start tomorrow, projects and assignments are all completed, the sky is mostly blue, the snow is mostly gone, it's the weekend, and now I have a blasted cold.

Damn it all.

Reason number 2 is a pretty good one. Last week I saw a lovely post in my reader full of flowers and bees and green grass and shit. [Go look at it! It's worth it. Look, I'll even link it again so you don't have to move your cursor too much.] And I thought to myself, "Why doesn't any of my spring photography look like that?"

The answer is because our springs look like this:

This might be a bit difficult to interpret given my artistic vision, but basically everything is brown and grey and the snow that's left is more crusty piles of pollution and gravel than snow. Also, in our springs, perspective ceases to work as it does in the rest of the world. And it kind of smell like dog poop. The spring, not the perspective.

It's the price we have to pay for living in a region that doesn't make horrible poisonous beasties go "Hmm! this is a lovely spot to make a home..." There's gravel everywhere from the (rather lackluster) efforts at making the terrain less dangerous to walk and drive on. Flattened, dead grass is the only greenery to see - that and a few ratty evergreens. The tress appear depressed and sulky after a whole season of being weighed down with ice and snow. All the vehicles and shoes are coated in a crust of salt and dirt... It's not a pretty sight to go strolling through. I almost prefer having everything covered in snow, really.

Stubbornly trying to make the best of what is supposed to be the most beautiful time of year - a time of fresh starts, budding blossoms, green grass, blue skies - I bought a hat. A big, floppy one:

And the best necklace I have ever seen a pretty awesome necklace:

And a pile of underwear that has little flowers all over it, so while it may not be a lovely spring day outside, at least it is in my pants.

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  1. I am laughing SOO hard at your "EVERYTHING IS AMAZING" picture right now. I'm glad you liked the post, however much it might torment you : ) Thanks for the link love!

    and happy Spring In Your Pants!!

  2. hey ... i also get a cold every spring ... always starts out as hayfever then promptly turns into a cold.

    i douse myself with garlic, ginger, vit. c, and oil of oregano.

    gone baby ... gone :)

  3. Keep the spring coming in your mind and it will appear physically :-)


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