You wash my back and I'll wash yours

If you did a Google search for "spice up sex life" I can nearly guarantee there will be a few similarities between all of the idea lists that are returned. Most of them will suggest:
  • Something about a blindfold
  • Wear lingerie
  • Flirt/send suggestive text messages/pretend to be strangers
  • Don't actually have sex
And, of course, the age-old standby:
  • Have a steamy [LOL IT'S A PUN] shower together

It makes sense. You're naked, there's water and suds running all over your body, your partner can oh-so-helpfully caress you under the guise of washing your skin. It would be novel to have your partner join in on what is normally a solo activity.

I R SOAP. I will save your sex life.

Thing is, I don't get what's special about having a shower together. T and I do it every day! Being naked together doesn't immediately have to turn into sexytime. (At least, not in the real world.) There are wonderfully practical reasons to shower together, and it constantly baffles me that more people don't do it. We're so used to the routine that we shower together without a second thought when visiting other people's houses... Though the first time we showered together at my mom's apartment was a bit awkward, because she didn't notice until we got out of the shower. "Did... did you guys shower together?" she tentatively asked. "Yup," I chirped back, "We always do." She was taken clearly aback by how casual we were about it. (Oh mommy, you're so sheltered.) I mean, this was a big change from previous visits where we weren't allowed to sleep in the same room. Though that was my step-dad's doing..

*ahem*. Moving on!

It probably helps that T is very tiny... We can actually both fit in the shower at the same time without getting in each other's way, easily stepping by the other to share the water equally. I can see showering together being difficult if one had to, say, dodge a beer belly to get at the shampoo.

Another barrier is that many people are weirdly shy about grooming habits. Maybe you don't want your partner to see you pick your nose in the shower, or meticulously clean your privates. Maybe you don't want your partner to know you play target practice with your urine and the tub drain (Admit it; you know you do.) Shame has never been my strong suit, so I don't particularly mind grooming in front of T.

It certainly makes taking a shower less lonely. Some of the best conversations we have are in the shower. Trust me: it's lovely to have a little chat while you're all warm and clean and steamy. And if you want to sing a duet, the intriguing acoustics of an average shower will turn you into a rather talented pair.

Of additional importance to us is the effective use of hot water. We both like to take long showers, and T's showers are longer than mine since he also shaves in the shower every day. Were we to shower separately, one of us would always get a cold (or - god forbid - short) shower. That's not fair at all, now, is it? This way we can both take extra-long showers and still not run out of precious hot water.

What I'm trying to say here is don't wait until you're horny to shower with your partner. It's economical! It's environmental! It's fun! It's efficient! Couples who don't shower together are weird. You don't want to be weird, do ya?

Oh, but it's totally fair to not want to share a bath. Those bubbles are mine, bitch.

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You wash my back and I'll wash yours
  1. I personally love sharing showers. One of my exes and I used to shower together just because. I personally think one of my room mates scared him and he didn't want to be alone while I was getting clean. XD

  2. That's so sweet that you guys shower together all the time :>

    but ehh, I'm not the biggest fan of shared showers. I instantly get cold if I'm not standing directly under the water.

    ALTHOUGH. I just recently heard of super fancy-shmancy showers with two faucet heads on either end, and that is my new goal in life. 'Cause I love a soapy husband... just not being cold.

  3. This post make me smile, that's really pretty cute :)
    I've never showered with anyone before and now I feel like I'm missing out - it's time to change that :)

  4. Our shower head is pretty good and fanning the water so neither of us get cold. In other people's showers it can be annoying, though.

    First: invest in a good showerhead and a living space with high water pressure. THEN shower with your partner, hehe.

  5. hell ya.

    always always shower together ... it's just a perk of a love in your life ...

  6. If Lori and I ever move in together, I'm definitely going to refer her to this post. Right now, for us, showering together would be hopelessly impractical - considering we live 40 miles away...

  7. I'm all for showing together but the kids seem to get the wrong idea when they wander in after us, so we've given it up.

  8. haha "Couples who don't shower together are weird. You don't want to be weird, do ya?" great post

    my boyfriend are cruel about the shower. we often sneakily throw cold water over the top when the other is less suspecting. fun times

  9. A: I totally agree. Other perks include never being cold in bed, and having someone who can scratch the middle of your back for you. :3

    Tom: Well, you could shower at the same time... with a webcam. ;) You just have to be creative!

    Stu: Okay, I'll give you an exemption. We can't have the young ones scarred for life.

    Violently: Now that's a sneaky trick! I'll have to try that one sometime...

  10. Taking a shower together screws up my morning routine; not to mention the fact that he likes showers luke warm, and I like mine boiling hot. Plus, if something happens, the tile and hard surfaces risk serious head injury... bad idea.

  11. Valid point about water temperature Syrah! I can see how that would be disagreeable. :P


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