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Welcome, welcome, gather around. Bear witness to my first ever Blog Feature. I'm warning you in advance, I don't know that I'll ever make these a regular thing, but hey, one is exciting enough right?

Today I'm going to sing high praises about lovely little blog that you've probably seen lurking at the bottom of my Blogroll (providing you aren't a typical visitor who sees the Bloglist widget and temporarily shuts off the visual portion of your brain):

First I must express my shame that I never got the pun in the name until I read the very first post. In my defence, I generally read the title of this blog as something similar to "Matthews-ers-ers-is" which reduced my chances at getting the wordplay to "hopeless." Alright. Moving on:

The Author April, who is a 24-year-old American architect who lived in Sweden for part of her blogging career.. (We'll forgive the "American" part because it's not something she can help.) You can tell she's an architect by the header image and the fact that immediately after moving into her temporary quarters in Sweden she drew a sketch of the apartment layout. She also has a(n adorably curly-headed) husband, Jason, who is a physicist.

I just heard the words "cutting their penises off and looking at them under a microscope" from T's computer speakers. Sorry April. We're not off to a good start. I'll try to recover but now my attention is divided.

They're smart cookies. One of the things that attracted me to this blog is that you get that vibe of intelligence. You know how sometimes when you look into someone's eyes there's a startling amount of wit staring back at you? And how you'll look at other people and there's no one home? I can read blogs like that. It's a combination of the layout, the content and the writing style. April provides a breath of fresh, quirky and beautiful intelligence in an Internet full of pseudo-intellectual exhalations and durpy attempts at stand-up-style comedy.

A fantastic trait of intelligent people is that they're a little broken, and April is no exception. It makes for great and hilarious insights into how the world works... and what should change so the world works better. E.g.

Snow is one of my favorite foods. Seriously. It doesn't quite beat out peas or salsa, but it's up there. This has been limiting how long I stay outside because I CAN'T NOT EAT IT. I've been stuffing myself silly, and then running inside, shivering with bright red hands. It's worth it.

Lastly, and it's not like to me be superficial like this, but April is absolutely adorable. I want to ruffle her hair and tell her she's pretty and then lay on towels next to a pool and talk about fashion and zeds. Possibly at the same time. And then a butler will come over and offer us cocktails and we'll giggle at the cock part while sipping colourful drinks with our pinkies in the air. It is, however, totally like me to be creepy.

The initial attraction

I think I found April in the forums, but I'm really not sure when or how. Honestly, anything beyond yesterday is all a little fuzzy for me. I do know I read this post,

left a comment mentioning tribbles, read this other post, left this comment,
Who are you and why have I not been following your blog from the beginning?

and that was the end. I didn't have a chance.

Falling in love

First, April maintains the best tag cloud in the world. It's immediately descriptive of her personality and the type of things you will find in her blog. Really. I have tag-cloud envy because my own is painfully practical. Ah, the life of a blogger...

The posting is personal, funny, sincere and varied. There's a fantastic mix of food, silliness, geekery, and introspection. It's perfect, really. Of course I don't know April in real life, but the personality she expresses in her blog feels real and complex. Her writing doesn't feel artificial, or forced, or dry. It's all got her distinctive character to add flavor.

Accompanying much of her posting is her absolutely drool-worthy photography. What can I say, I'm a sucker for colourful closeups and rounded borders. Of course a person in a design-oriented field would have a great eye for composition and colour. Let's take a moment to stare at an example:


And even when she doesn't have her own photography to illustrate posts, April still picks out some beautiful eye-candy for her readers:

The above photo actually got me in "trouble" once. I posted the following to the comments on that post:


I'm like, four drinks into a good night; sorry hon. I really like your shiny ladybug. I can barely answer your captcha, but your shiny ladybug really resonated with me.

Since family read her blog, April had to remove the comment but she sent me an email to apologize and explain. :3 It was awesome - I'm so used to bloggers just doing whatever they please with no explanation. It made me all warm and fuzzy and less concerned that I had embarrassed myself! April is very friendly and open in the comments on all her posts - she responds to like, 99% of comments left. Interactive bloggers are the best.

Lastly, the layout is fantastic,(Says Ms. judges-books-by-covers), made even more exciting by the fact that there was recently a makeover. I seriously love watching people go through blog makeovers. The new template is the kind of thing I drool over - customised and clean. This ain't no default template. The font choices are perfect, the little details impressive. Again, total blog envy.

Marry me

I've read every single thing you've posted.
In order.
... No, I haven't been busy lately. School's done and no work yet. Why do you ask?

Since it's the internet and I can't give you a stuffed animal or a chocolate or something, I made you a little stamp. You should print it out and hang it on your fridge and show off your e-popularity to your friends and family.

<3s for April and her Hubby. Keep being fucking awesome.

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Blog Feature | Two Matthews(ers)
  1. Ohhh that's a very special award - an entire post dedicated to one blog!

  2. Just read through your Ask and Ye Shall Receive Review.

    What did you think of it?

  3. Tom: She deserves it :3

    Xay: it was... not what I expected. I'd gotten used to the style of the other two reviewers and don't really know who Nutjobber is at all. It felt more like a review of my About page than my blog, hehe. I'm actually about to go and write a proper response in the comment section on Ask (etc). :D

  4. Damn, girl, I'm about to drive up to Canada and ruffle YOUR hair for writing this.

    I'm glad that you reposted your "censored" comment here. It definitely deserves to live on SOMEwhere on the internet ("...your shiny ladybug really resonated with me." You kill me. Amazing.)

    @ Tom, you're making me wonder if writing a post about her post about my blog is taking it a little to far? heh : )

  5. & how did you ever get up the courage to submit your blog to that review site? I felt like crying just reading it, and it's not even about me! (although I am heavily emotionally invested in yours, so maybe it's not all that surprising.)

    He linked to all of my favorite posts of yours, too. hrmmm. I don't get the impression that you're trying to "prove your intellect"-- I get the impression that you are just chatting & chewing through things you're passionate about.

    and were those first two paragraphs of his supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek reference to calling you "brevity-challenged?" Because they made me feel like I'd popped a whole package of Benadryl.

  6. April: <3's times infinity

    It took me like, two months of lurking their site to finally submit my own. :P I was actually expecting the wait for my review to be much longer; it caught me by surprise when it was put up this morning. I'm kind of glad they posted it today so I don't have to worry about the strange irony in making a blog reviewer read my own reviews of other blogs.

    I think his opinion got a bit jaded by the false bravado in my About page. Also, he's like, 34, so hat does he know? Hehe. And I have no idea what the first half is about either, lol.


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