The title says it all folks.
Here I am, all dressed up just waiting for summer. Do you know how long it's been drizzling? I'm about ready to hunt down Mother Nature and give her a kick in the nads. Look, I have my little hat and a long, comfy dress all ready for summer... and I have to wear a sweater and jacket over it. Totally ruins the effect.

I love how using the camera flash makes me look like I have an IRL dropshadow. Way to made me look photoshopped in my own home, camera.

On a related note, to stave off the boredom and the all-encompassing unproductive feeling, I made a dress. It is the first dress I've made that has a chance at being suitable for daily wear (and the associated tear).

It's made out of a double-layer of quilting cotton, because that's the only fucking interesting fabric my goddamn fabric store will carry. Seriously, everything else is ugly, unpleasant feeling, or a solid fucking colour.

I messed up the bodice a bit. As it turns out, making clothing that fits boobs is hard. But it's not so bad as to be unwearable, and I've certainly seen clothing in stores that fits just as awkwardly. So, I'm proud of the fact that I took a square of cheap, thin fabrics and then cut, pinned and stitched it into something that would cover and mostly flatter my ladybits.

Gogo awkward boob gathers!

I've also been pleased with how my hair is behaving recently. I can wash it and let it air dry and it turns out with these subtle loose curls. Absolutely zero effort. Thank you, hair.

I suppose this is it finally forgiving me for straightening it every day in high school. I'm really, really sorry about all that. Straight hair was popular, you know? The slightest bit of poof made me feel like I was stalking out of the eighties. I also dried it every day, so I suppose that didn't help the poofiness. It's all okay now; I promise never to heat damage you (much) again. xoxox.

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  1. ha! I love the "IRL" shadow-droppage. & boob gathers (you totally pulled that off). & your burgundy tights and string of pearls.

    You're going to make me get serious about learning to sew!

  2. It's really rewarding and fun. And super frustrating. But rewarding, haha.

    The most important thing I've learned is to be patient and don't try to cut corners, just like with anything really. Like cooking. I'm not so good at that one either :P

  3. Haha dropshadow fail :) I sometimes try to get Lori to let her curl a bit but she always straightens it. I think right now her hair is maybe a little too short for curls but she always looks great with little curls in her hair. Yours looks great too and congrats on the dress - you did a good job!

  4. Getting used to curls can be hard if you're used to straight hair, because curls usually mean a few frizzies... and TV tells us that frizzies are bad. :P


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