WAYWT | Cherry blossom valentine

I was complaining about our distinct lack of spring some time ago. Repeatedly. Well, we finally got our spring blooms. All around campus the cherry trees are in full bloom; the dandelions have been out for a few weeks (to the bunnies' pleasure. I always bring them a handful when I'm sure there haven't been any pesticides on them); and the sky is finally blue with puffy little clouds. It's maddeningly beautiful - especially since cherry blossoms and dandelions are my favourite flowers. It's about this time that I desperately being to wish I had a yard - or at least a balcony - where I could catch some sun and read a book.

Yesterday, I went down to campus to hang out on the benches in the largest grassy area. There were trees, and grass, and dandelions and I got attacked by bugs flying down my boobs and twigs throwing themselves at my knees. It was wonderful.

I also decided to wear my new dress. This is the second dress I've made that is wearable! I've come to think of it as "my valentine dress," probably because it's red. I'm so fucking creative.

The dress was made following Simplicity 2582, version F. I didn't make many changes - left out the zipper and the elastic in the back, since the jersey knit I used was stretchy enough. I've left it unhemmed so far, but it depends how it washes. I really, really hate hemming.

I also got new shoes (photo here) for T's graduation. A nice platform wedge I got from Aldo :3 It was a good find, since most sandals cut the shit out of my feetsees. My poor, poor feet.

Can you image what a bee is thinking as they fly up to a cherry tree in blossom? "HOLY FUCKING SHIT EVERYTHING IS AMAZING WHERE DO I START THIS FLOWER IS AMAZING AND SO IS THAT ONE OH FUCKING SWEET BEEJESUS"

Holdin' onto my crotch so the wind doesn't blow it away. You can't imagine how embarrassing it is to have to chase down a runaway crotch.

If you kind of squint, it looks like these two pictures are actually one picture and that the upper part of the tree has giant flowers on it.

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WAYWT | Cherry blossom valentine
  1. ooo I love cherry blossoms they always look so pretty and make me think I'm living in japan. nice work on the dress too :)


  2. gorgeous! The cherry blossoms aren't bad either ;)

    Love your creation! Hemming sucks, ever heard of Stitch Witchery? It's awesome, no hemming needed!

  3. aghh pretty overload!!
    "sweet beejesus" made me laugh out loud ; )
    & nice shoes!

  4. loved the bee


  5. Those cherry blossoms are very nice to look at, I love spring/summer :D

  6. Sarah: I know. I'm so used to thinking cherry tress only happen in Japan, and every summer get surprised when they start blooming, hehe.

    Candy: D'awww, you flirt. ;) I used some hemming tape on my Halloween costume and it was AMAZING. I wonder if they make stuff for knits. HMMM.

    April: We're a pair that love our puns, eh? :P

    Weissy: Nature is better if you assume everything in it is nearly bursting with excitement. XD

    TAP: Spring and Summer are so much more treasured after a long Canadian winter. I needed the sun and to see some greenery!

  7. Holy Cherry Blossoms, I LOVE your layout! It's amazing. Also love your blog. Consider yourself followed :) (wow that sounds creepy)


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