We suprise-visited T's parents over the weekend and got to meet the stray cat that his mother has been domesticating. They think he's still under a year old, and he has the most beautiful patterns I've ever seen on a cat. He's also going to be huuuge, and he's extremely friendly.The first thing he did after running up to us in the driveway was to rub himself on all our legs and then flop over for belly scritches. :3 They've been calling him "Tom," and he comes running from wherever he is if T's mom screams his name (because she's been feeding him). He'll be going to a new home in the next few weeks, once he gets his shots and neuter.

I want him so bad. :( But he wouldn't be happy living in an apartment.

Do you see a vase, or two faces?

And the bushiest tail I've ever felt

He's also a master of the sarcastic catface. "Yes, do take photographs while my dish is empty of food."

See how long his back legs are? I think that's the reason for his odd gait. He has rabbit legs, the poor thing.

~~~fuzzy pompoms~~~~ (Soon to be removed, hehe)
I never before knew how cute and fuzzy kitty balls were. I had to work very hard to suppress the urge to pet them.

And he's going to be GIANT. Look at those damn paws!

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  1. It's like the shroud of Turin imprinted on his fur. :-)

  2. HE'S SO CUTE, I WRITHE IN.. I don't know what the word is for the emotion I'm feeling. The need to pet. There should be a word for that.

    I had a kitty once that has the same face as him. Soooo cute!

  3. He's such a unique cat, and he has the sweetest, friendliest personality. :3 A total sweetheart!

    "The need to pet. There should be a word for that. "

    English fails at having words for the important concepts, hehe.

  4. On the other hand, I don't suppose it would be too crude to suggest that one could see the face of a bearded man centered in a vagina. (?)

    Rather I might instead take some of those pills the nice doctor gave me.

  5. Vaginas, vaginas everywhere, and not a drop to .... drink?


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