Comment Carnival | Meanwhile, 20 children in Africa die of thirst.

I've been trying to get back on a better posting schedule, a post every couple of days, but I've had a nonstop headache this week, which is bullshit, and it's been making me want to avoid backlit screens.

But now I'm introducing a new feature on my blog where I parade surprising, stupid, insightful or funny comments.

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Yea, it's a shame to waste all of that sugar and high fructose corn syrup. It had a lot of nutritional value to offer someone.

I'm sure all the starving Somalians will have enjoyed this video.

Who cares? If they wanted water so bad, they'd learn how to fend for themselves and make a better life for themselves like we in America have done. Not our fault they haven't advanced themselves like we have.

In other parts of the world kids are dying 'cause they have nothing to drink and you are wasting it...

100 African children just cried themselves to sleep.

For those of you who don't like this video or feel that its a waste, indulge me. Notice that this video was featured on tosh.0, a show with numerous sponsors and companies buying ad revenue. The more popular this video becomes, the more popular tosh.0 becomes and consequently, the more revenue generated by companies sponsoring the tosh.0 show.  If these companies generate enough revenue, they will then be able to expand their workforce. Therefore, this vomiting cup saved or created 217 jobs.

All right motherfuckers. Get your pale, healthy asses down in your ergonomic computer chairs and shut the fuck up for a second here.

Yes, there are starving children in Africa. There are starving children on every fucking continent, with the probable exception of Antarctica. There are starving children in your own goddamn city, but they're too close for you to comfortably use in an attack on someone's Youtube video, aren't they? Because the obvious retort is "Go feed the fuckers," isn't it?

It's just too easy to look at someone wasting a litre of fountain pop and scream about the poor, starving children that are thousands of miles away, since you personally are not morally obligated to do anything to help them because of that huge physical distance.

You do know the main reason there are starving children all over the world, don't you? It's politics, not resources. It's politics, not money. It's politics, not some kid pouring pop down the drain. Politics is the reason that thousands of pounds of vital supplies and food sit, unused, in an African port somewhere until it's all stolen or rotting. You really have no right to sit on your personal computer, with Internet you've paid for, complaining in the comment section of a video that someone else is wasting water. Get off your high fucking horse, sell your fucking computer and go dig some goddamn wells before trying to pull that shit.

If you want to scream about wasting water, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you aren't a hypocrite.

So how does it feel to share the bathwater of your entire family, hmm? Does your bathroom reek of urine since you don't flush as often to conserve water? I hope you never let your milk expire and are always able to finish your drinks when you go to a restaurant. I'm guessing that your lawn is sad and brown during the high summer, because it would be such a waste to use potable water on mere lawn plants.

Water isn't scarce in most of the western world. We have huge amounts of the stuff falling from the sky, rivers swollen with snow melt and natural springs. That's just geographic luck. All of that water that is "wasted" is, in fact, treated, cleaned and released back to nature to reenter the water cycle and eventually return to be used again, and again and again. It's kind of how the ecosystem works.

We can't just fill up shipping containers with water and fly them into Africa, you know.

Look, I know why you're doing this.

You're just cranky and you couldn't think of anything else to criticize (there weren't any girls in this video for you to call ugly) so you fell to the absolute lowest common denominators: "STARVING CHILDREN" and "GET A LIFE."

You probably don't even know what it means to BE a starving child. You're just upset that someone's having fun with their life and you aren't. If you want a taste of your own medicine try this:

- Don't enjoy sex because there are women in the world who aren't give then option of consenting
- Don't eat more than the bare minimum of vegetables because there are children in the world who subsist only on rice and are slowly dying of nutritional deficiencies.
- Don't do bad in school or complain about homework because there are people in the world who will never have an education
- Don't get bored when sitting in church because there are people in the world who will be killed for practicing your religion

There are always people who are worse off than you. Their existence doesn't control your life, so don't try to use the same excuse to control others' lives.


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Comment Carnival | Meanwhile, 20 children in Africa die of thirst.
  1. :) cunt indeed :)

    we are so privileged.

  2. yessss, this is my favorite side of ms. nano : )

    And then I went back to watch that video, and laughed SO hard. How did you even find that??

  3. The comment that irked me most was the "If they wanted water so bad, they'd learn how to fend for themselves, like we *advanced* people have!11".

    What the fuck. I've seen that mentality so often, it's ludicrous.

    Yes, the reason they don't have water, is because they just don't want it bad enough.

    Fucking idiots.

  4. @A: we certainly are, and most of it is just the luck of where we're born!

    April: Haha, someone linked it on Twitter ( @thebloggess, who is hilarious by the way) but it's gone completely viral by now

    Hannah: AUARGH I know. And it's still going to be years and years before we can choke people through the Internet, so there's nothing you can really do. Talking to people like that only makes them happy, even if most of your words are threatening verbs and curses.


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