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WHAT! ONE HUNDRED? Yeah, that sounds about right.

I've had my blog for more than a year now (my first post is dated Feb. 16, 2010), so I completely missed that milestone. My first comment was received on July 10th, 2010, so I suppose I missed that milestone, too. I guess I should celebrate one of my blogging milestones, so reaching 100 followers will be it.

I have just a smidge over one year of Google Analytics data on my blog and its visitors. I decided to look back through all my data to see if anything caught my eye. First, I have my overall pageviews and visits:

Yellow being visitors, and blue being pageviews

The largest spike there occurred on May 2nd, the day after I published my blog feature on The Two Matthews(ers). In attempting to spread some love to one of my favourite blogs, I ended up getting a (comparatively) massive amount of traffic from her readers. Oh well, I guess you can't win 'em all.

The disproportionate amount of pageviews that occurred in March was probably people getting a bit excited over my post titled "My first sex post: teen sex" which is very much not titillating at all.

Diving a little deeper, I took a look at the geographic distribution of my visitors. Unsurprisingly, the US was ranked first (Most visits coming from California), followed by Canada (With most traffic coming from my city; I guess my friends like to visit), then UK and Australia. More surprisingly, Canada is totally 'leet.

So, what is bringing visitors to my lil ole blog? The keyword searches that bring people here are actually not very varied, and they account for only 22% of my total visits. Of 1,958 visits sent from search engines, a little over half the search engine traffic is captured by the following keywords:

keyword variant# visits%of total
euclidian, gcd or mod881.03

Here's a few odd searches people have done to find my blog. Most of them are, err, quite lewd.

african childrens fucking
flimsy male knickers
girl rips a holes in pants and panties exposed
having sex with niece bethany ann millson
i always washed moms back in the shower
my cum doesn't glow under blacklight
not on birth control fuck video
teen first sex with
the time i drew unicorns when i was drunk
why would a teen have sex with an animal

But, all of that is child's play. You can effectively get that level fo detail from Blogger Stats or a hit counter. Let's move into the more interesting findings that Analytics provides: the browser and operating system stats.

I was very surprised by the results here. Internet Explorer had a far smaller share than I had expected, and look at poor 'ole Opera. I was intrigued to see Rockmelt was used three times over the past year; I remember when there was some hype about it. As far as I can tell, Rockmelt is trying to break into the browser game through heavy social media integration. Not really my thing.

The other odd ones on that list is Camino, which is apparently a Gecko-based browser for Mac OS X and Seamoneky, another gecko-based browser (This one cross-platform) that appears to be part of a suite intended to replace the Mozilla Application Suite. Nifty.

I'm somewhat sad I only have a year of data about the browser usage, because I was very curious to see how the market share has changed over time. But, even within my own scanty data from just 8000ish visitors, you can clearly see Chrome gaining share. Interestingly, the Chrome share seems to be increasing at Firefox's expense, as both IE and Safari stay steady over a year. (Opera didn't have enough visits to make it onto this chart.)

The craziness at the beginning was probably because there were only a small handful of views in those months, so the percentages came out high.

The browser and OS grouping reveals a bit more about where Chrome's sudden increase came form my visitors. It appears that Chrome got quite popular among linux users - or else a specific chrome/linux user reads my blog a lot. ;) I thinkw hat surprised me is that the Chrome/Linus combo has about triple the amount of visitors as the Firefox/Linux combo.

The behaviour of users using certain browsers are pretty much the same. There is a small difference in how long a person on certain browsers will stay on the blog. Firefox and Chrome visitors are more likely to stay longer. <3 those FF users!

I've had a few mobile visitors, but nothing to get excited about, not really. A lot of the iOS users do keyword searches for "Pocahontas costume" and "eyebrow waxing," though - far more than the visitors on any other platform. From this we can perhaps conclude that an abnormal amount of iOS users doing Google searches are women.

Or that I don't serve porn. ;)

So that's a high level look at my visitor stats. It's been a fantastic year. I really do love blogging... even though I can be neglectful when I have other things to do (like play video games) Looking back, I have created something I can be proud of (mostly). I'll never be famous, of course, but I have my own little slice of the Internet. I'm looking forward to gathering another year of data to see what changes over time.

To those who have made it this far, how do you look to Analytics? What's your favourite browser and OS? Whereabouts do you live?

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Vegeta! What does the scouter say about her power level?
  1. crap. You totally outed me. :-)

  2. :O Are YOU the mysterious Chrome/FF addict?

  3. I'm a Chrome addict mostly - so maybe you have multiple stalkers. I do use FF occasionally though so "they" might be me.


  4. >.>

    By "FF" I obviously meant "Linux."

    Seriously brain, what the hell was that about?

  5. The fact that the most common keyword linked to your blog is "Pocahontas" is probably my favourite thing ever.

    Also: Google Analytics search entries are by far the most horrible things imaginable. Always.

  6. those keyword search strings were very disturbing... but the REAL question is why it lead to here!... (checks meta tags).. o nvm.

  7. whooo, congrats on triple digits! I'm proud of that big orange circle near the middle of Oregon ; )

    and glad you got visitors from your blog feature! that makes my day.


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