The New Minecraftia

Version: 1.8
Seed: shipwreck
Texturepack: Jolicraft (modified)

Day One
I wake up on a small island with no memory of who I am or how I got here. A single tree provides shade to a small patch of yellowed grass. A jolly spiral sun and happy clouds hang above me. Nearby I can see a second small island, and there are two other islands on the distant horizon. There no other living thing in sight.

Using my bare hands, I tear down the single tree, gathering chunks of the trunk and small saplings as they fall to the ground. I replant the saplings in the hope that they will grow quickly - I will need more wood soon enough. I fashion a rough crafting table and a wooden pick from the tree trunk. Slinging the pick over my shoulder I slip into the ocean and make my way to the closest island. If I am to survive, I will need more resources - and there is no reason to carve away the island that supports my trees.

As I wander over the second small island, I trample away the coarse, wispy grasses. I find a small handful of seeds - food, perhaps? I put those in my pocket for later. I then turn my attention to the firm ground beneath my feet and begin to dig a shallow, dark mine. After several false starts, I finally find what I'm looking for: coal.

Beautiful, life-giving coal.

Day Two
I have built myself a basic stone hut to provide shelter. Inside I have a furnace, a chest and a crafting table. I am happy to see a few trees have grown. This is good. I now have enough wood to build a boat.

I sail to an island and scrounge for more seeds. I have started to feel hunger... perhaps I can build a small farm. There doesn't appear to be anything I can hunt, and I have nothing to make a fishing rod of.

Darkness falls. I boat back to the island I now call home.

It is now pitch black outside. I am becoming very hungry. I don't have anything to sleep on, except for the hard ground. I pace around my hut, grow bored and venture into the darkness.

I can see shapes moving on the nearest island. Friends? Food? I wade through the water to investigate, gripping a simple stone club in case they turn out to be hostile. At this point, with no food, no mainland, and nothing else living, I figure I should find out what has suddenly appeared. I'm close enough that I can make out some details -

Creeping horrors.

A green monster, skeletons, walking dead.
They converge around me, and I barely escape with my life.

I huddle in my hut for the rest of the night, desperately wounded and nauseously hungry. I can hear the groans of one of the dead things floundering in the water nearby. I am desperate... I need my strength if I'm to survive for any longer. The seeds I have planted are growing too slowly; they won't mature soon enough.

A plan. A feverish, desperate, dangerous plan.

I leave the safety of my hut and lure the dead thing onto my island. It is slow moving, and isn't hard to dodge as it clumsily gropes after me, but I daren't get close enough to use my club on it. In a moment of absurd, semi-insane hope, I dash back to my hut and slam the door closed. The creature begins to scratch at the door, as over its shoulder the strange-looking sun breaks over the horizon. It's a beautiful sunrise. Beautiful enough to serve as a last sunrise should this plan not work.

The creature soon begins to snarl and moan in pain. I listen to it gurgle and choke as the sunlight sears its flesh. I close my eyes and hold my breath until the sounds die away. After a few moments, I peek outside. Laying on the ground in front of my door is a small pile of rotten flesh.

I pick it up.

I stand in front of the small garden I planted, where tiny sprouts are struggling to grow.

I stare at the flesh in my hands.

I close my eyes and eat it.

The last island has reeds on it. There is no other land on the horizon.

Day Three

Lacking any goal, or the resources to pursue one, I dig further into the earth.

I soon break into a cave system, half buried in shifting gravel. I begin to slowly explore the area - most passages suddenly end, a few twist back upon themselves, and several terminate in deep chasms I have no hope of scaling. As I make my way back to my starting point from yet another dead end, I hear a thoroughly ominous noise echo out of the one remaining dark passage.

I fix a torch to the wall and move toward it, trembling with fear but unable to leave without finding what made the noise.

Glowing white eyes, purple sparks. A terrible urge to meet its gaze. I resist. The urge grows stronger. I force myself to walk further down the tunnel, affording one last glance over my shoulder. The thing watches me pass, and makes no movements. As soon as my back is turned to the thing, the urge to stare evaporates. I feel relief - I don't know what would have happened had I looked directly at it, but I know it must be terrible.

There is a great pit before me, the bottom lit with what appears to be bright lava. Gold and iron glitters in the walls, coal glints softly in my torchlight, and I can barely see an enticing flash of blue at the very bottom.

I begin to slowly scale my way down the sides. The gold refuses to yield against my stone pick, so I make a note to return for it. I will strip anything valuable or usable from the earth in the hopes that it may help me in the future. Now, I've almost reached the floor of the pit, warm and glowing with hot lava... then there is a noise behind me - THRUNG! - and an arrow flies through the air, burying itself into my leg. There's a sharp CLINK from my other side immediately followed by another THRUNG! - and then -

Day One
I wake up to a cold rain on my face. I have no idea who I am or why I'm here. "Here" is a small island with a stone hut, some trees and a small patch of half-grown wheat. There are three islands in sight - one close by and two further away - and no other living things. In the hut I find a chest with some tools, coal and wood in it. A small boat bobs in the shallows.

After wading to the nearest island, I find a deep mine, lit with torches. Who was here before me, and where did they go?

Will I ever know?

Does anyone know I'm here?

Is there anyone else in the world to know I'm here?

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The New Minecraftia
  1. How many more "day one"'s before you wake up with cold rain on your face to find a laptop with an Emacs window open to some really bad code next to a plate with a half-eaten pastrami sandwich, a smoldering cigar and a glass of Bruichladdich?

  2. Wellllll, it depends how many more times I fall in lava and lose all my stuff. >:(


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