Phone Pic Dump 1

As it turns out, the two of us can't finish an XL between us.

Half of the horror is the spelling. Damn you, Lovecraft!

A fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction...

Everything in its place... three times over. You can tell which desk is T's.

The Bender house.

Patchy has the cutest nose...


"I feel pretty good about this," he says, "I like this game."

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Phone Pic Dump 1
  1. Agricola? It looks like Settlers of Catan on steroids.

    In This Post: Mostly a mix of assorted horrors. Also, miss you dudes. </3

  2. It's sort of like Harvest Moon. It's actually pretty fun, and it has a one-player mode, hahaha.

    We miss you too. :(

  3. patches DOES have a cute nose :)

  4. I have about five other photos that feature a white and grey blur. Once you pull out a camera, cats refuse to sit still even though they will happily sit in one spot for half a day otherwise. >:(


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