Suddenly, Yarmouth

In a surprising twist of decision-making, we didn't visit either T's or my family for (Canadian) Thanksgiving, but instead went to Yarmouth County to spend the weekend with a friend's family.

It was a sunny fall weekend, with good food, lovely people, and beautiful scenery and I'm extremely glad we went.

Photo of a lighthouse, with a rocky foreground.

Photo of the ocean with a line of foam stretching across it
It's the ocean seam! Where God patched in the oceans...

Photo of a young man with long hair looking over the waterPhoto of a young man sitting on a large rock in front of the ocean
T being dramatic and windblown.

Photo of Sam Routledge standing on large rocks, with ocean in the background.

Photo of Sam Routledge sitting on rocks with lighthouse in the background. Nearby rock has been spray painted with "Will you marry me?"
Didn't notice the graffiti until after we took the picture. But it's AWESOME.

Bright orange lichen on the rocks

Photo of the lighthouse against a bright blue sky.

T standing in front of a very large boulder with tall grass at his feet, skewing the perspective.

And finally, Mother fucking OREO COWS!

A photo of a field of black cows with a thick white stripe around their midsections

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Suddenly, Yarmouth
  1. Awesome.

    Closest I've been to there was a couple of short trips to Halifax from which I learned that I was totally cheated in being located in Ottawa. I didn't get nearly enough of the maritime regions of Canada.

    Holidays with families almost always suck; you clearly made a good decision.

  2. Anywhere on the Eastern coast is destined to be pretty. Even a run-down little fishing town managed to be picturesque! I don't get enough coastal towns either; I've always lived further inland in "large" cities.

    I mean, they were large enough to be called cities, at least!


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